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The Unicorns of Kalidore: The RP
~ Something about Tyden ~

Source: Character Creation Form

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The Questions ~

Date this form was created: September ’09
Full name of Character: Tyden of Kalidore
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: The name Tyden is actually after an older character of mine who was never fully developed. It seemed a good fit to apply it here, and finally explore that personality.
Nickname: none
Race: Human
Occupation/class: Guardian, though not in title
Social class: Noble (not that Kalidore has classes per se)

  Physical Appearance ~

 Age: 27ish
How old they appear: same
Eye Color: blue
Hair color length and style: dark, wavy and generally a bit unruly
Weight and height: 6’ish, ???
Type of body (build): Tall and lean
Skin tone and type : fair, clear complexion
Shape of face: clean and sharply cut features
Distinguishing marks: none
Predominant feature: the hair?
Is s/he healthy? As a horse! Er, or a unicorn 😛

Favorites ~

Char’s favorite color: not that he ever gave much thought to it, but I would have to say blue

Why? a few loosely connected memories to the colour
Music? Any lively tavern song with an infectious chorus
Least favorite music, why? Seems to me he would probably not “get” rap music, were he ever forced into contact with it…
Food: Yes? XD Definitely has a healthy appetite!
Literature: what, as in reading? Only if he has to, lol. That aside, I’m sure he’s a romantic at heart and loves a good human story of heart, courage, and of course a happy ending. But he won’t admit it.
Expressions: Hmm, I think I need a good Tydenism, now don’t I?
Expletives (curse): whichever seems most fitting at the time
Mode of transport: generally astride (horse or unicorn, depending)
Hobbies: He does love a good sparing match (either of swords, or wits, whichever is most accessible in the moment). He’s also got a keen eye and can draw reasonably well, but hell if he’ll show them to anyone. Also, most eras he frequents do not have an abundance of paper, so opportunity is also against him.
How do they spend a rainy day? At the tavern, with good ale and good friends

Personality ~

Are they a daredevil or cautious? A definite tendency towards rushing into things, without a coherent follow-through; lucky he’s generally lucky? lol
Do they act the same alone as when with someone? When with people, Tyden is always the gracious host and entertainer. He loves crowds and feeds off the energy, and is usually at the centre of the action or conversation. He could talk your ear off, but most likely you’d enjoy it – his good humour is infectious 😉 Alone, there is a tendency for quiet reflection and occasionally more somber contemplations; do note however it’s not a case of ‘happy-face to the world’, for Tyden is certainly at core a cheerful person. Rather, what fears or worries he does have are not things he’s going to allow to trouble other people. Therefore they generally only surface when he’s by himself, and Tyden’s solution to this is simply to be alone as infrequently as possible XD
Habits: can be a bit of tease, but always in good heart.
Drinks: Yes, please! XD
How much: Mostly socially, and usually not to excess; appreciates a good vintage or finely aged spirits

Greatest Strength: Tyden is absolutely dedicated to his cause; that is, to serve and protect Kalidore and it’s people
Greatest Weakness: A failure to acknowledge his own self in the equation, which in turn can create a kind of tunnel vision
Soft spot: girls? 😛 Whether it’s young Xanthe getting out of a well-deserved scolding because of her beguiling blue eyes, Lilaini baiting him (somewhat willingly) into a corner, or Rhaine’s ability to completely and utterly confound him unwittingly, he does seem to have a certain failing when it comes to pretty girls (of all ages). It should be stated however that this does not mean Tyden is in any way rendered incapacitated simply by the wile of the opposite sex, or would be ever considered girl-crazy or single-minded. Simply, heaven help him if he ever has a daughter…
Biggest Vulnerability: Through his failure to acknowledge his own needs he ultimately leaves himself open to attacks against his personal core worries and fears; by not addressing them, he is not aware how vulnerable they are, are he with it


Type of childhood: Raised by the Daiga as her own grandchild, Tyden had a happy childhood, generally free from worry and angst. He did lack peers somewhat, but being quite indiscriminate of age, sect, or even species, Tyden made friends easily and afar. Plus he loved listening to what the adults would talk about, and enjoyed the frequent outings with the Daiga through the Gates.

First Memory: Blue eyes…. his mother’s?
Most important childhood event that still effects him/her: Certainly, a few of the great people he met with the Daiga left an impression on him; on whole it was the experience of meeting people who believed the things they did so passionately, or were working for change in the face of adversity, or simply had such a sense of self and trust in the grand scheme… all of these virtues young Tyden wanted to emulate, and what helped shape him as he became an adult.
Education: First taught lore by the Daiga, then trained under the Knight Sir Geraint when he came of age.
Religion: Kalidorian Lore
Finances: While Kalidore itself has no currency, the Daiga’s many key associations through the Gate have secured them small fortune throughout the ages. This is however used mainly for securing off-world necessities which can’t be had through bartering, or as an emergency fund. Tyden has an allowanced granted to him by Sir Geraint, though for the most part lives quite prudently while away from Kalidore.

Family ~

Tyden doesn’t know much about his real parents, apart from that they were good people and died in war; certainly there was curiosity while growing up, but asking about them seemed to make the Daiga sad, and eventually even that curiosity faded too. He gives them little thought these days, and certainly puts no effort into the memory.

Attitude ~

Most at ease when: he has a clear purpose, something to do & work towards. The task itself doesn’t really matter, so long as he sees the benefit of his doing it.
Most ill at ease when: he’s not sure what he’s supposed to be doing, or is unable to do anything to help (told to “stand by and watch” is not something Tyden handles well)
Priorities: to take care of the people he cares about. Luckily, his current duty as guardian of the Guardians is one and the same 😉
Philosophies: Provide the effort and the rest will follow; the lady is always right; true happiness comes through the unity of duty and self; a single glass of aged rye makes for a better evening the nine flagons of ale no matter what Adrik tells you at the time; truly, the lady is always right; bath regularly, but not near urdvoggens.
How they feel about themselves: Tyden enjoys a healthy self-esteem and holds himself in high regard – he knows both his capabilities and his limitations, and knows how to use them for the benefit of the whole. He is general confident, what worries he does have can be easily rationalized away, and little hang-ups or unresolved angst.
Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit: Besides the one or two that involve women? *G* Tyden’s tendency to barrel into things can and has got him into tight places, especially in his younger years before maturity granted him patience. Also, occasionally he is not nearly as good a judge of motive as he presumed…
Why? Because no matter how balanced the character, a mirror into your short-comings is always a little bruising to the ego…
If granted one wish what would it be, why? Um, world peace?

Traits ~

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist. Why? Natural luck, and a confidence that success is within one’s own hands, as long as there’s a willingness to work for it. And perhaps a certain cloistered belief that Kal really wouldn’t let anything bad happen to him… would she? 😛
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert. Why? Tyden thrives on social interaction and attention – it’s truly his element
Drives and motives: Tyden likes to be a part of the bigger picture, and has an innate restlessness that keeps him moving and focused. He believes and in the greater good, and working towards that cause.
Talents: Not sure whether the ability to get in and out of trouble should truly be considered a talent or not, but Tyden does have a way with people, and is a charming diplomat. He is also very proficient with a sword and a skilled rider.
Extremely skilled at: getting out of tough situations
Extremely unskilled at: avoiding those situations in the first place
Good characteristics: Compassionate, just, willing & ardent
Character flaws: Stubbornly headstrong, a bit presumptuous, and on occasion, utterly and completely oblivious. Protective could probably go in either category, depending in the moment whether it’s aiding to the situation or not 😉
Biggest regret: a girl. ‘nuff said!
Minor regrets: that ninth flagon of ale…
Biggest accomplishment: winning the tournament when he was sixteen… er, okay, that was ten years ago… surely something must have happened since then… D:
Darkest secret: Secret? what secret? <.< I has no secrets! >.>

Self-perception ~

One word they would use to describe themselves: handy
One paragraph of how they would describe themselves:

“I’m your average good-natured guy who’s not afraid to stand up for what they believe, or to help out a worthy cause. I’m a good friend and take care of my own, but I expect people to be at least as upfront with me as I am with them. I have an easy-going sense of humour and think life is too short to take everything seriously. Oh, and I like long walks on the beach and discussing philosophy by moonlight over fine wine…
What do they consider their best physical characteristic & why: Tyden always did like his hair, though he won’t admit it, at best he hates people messing with it…
The worst one? Why? He always figured himself to be a bit gangly, moreso in his youth – he did take some time to fill out. If we want to get picky, I’m sure he wouldn’t say no to bigger biceps or more classically handsome features, and… this is why we don’t start down that road, lol. Over all, he’s not terribly concerned about how he looks in his day-to-day, but cleans up well if inspired.
How they think others perceive them: hopefully as an all-round good guy. And if we’re lucky, they’ll even take him seriously, too 😉
What four things would they most like to change about themselves: To be more confident and decisive, to be truly satisfied with what he has, to trust that his chosen path is true, and to be at least an inch… taller… >.>

Why? Tyden is definitely not one of those people who wallows in self-doubt, but he does have them, quietly, and even worries from time to time that he’s not good enough… For what? it’s more an idea then anything concrete, a core issue that’s not immediately relevant in the day-to-day, but part of what forms his innate character as an imperfect yet balanced whole.

Interaction with other people ~

How do they relate to others: A social butterfly, Tyden relates well with most people and cultivates a healthy audience wherever he goes
How are they perceived by strangers: Generally comes across as well-mannered and friendly, as someone both secure and reliable
Friends: He is generally well-liked by his peers, looked to for his opinion and admired for his input. He can be a bit of a pest, but only if the other party is familiar and willing.

Wife/husband/lover: charismatic and chivalrous, I assume he’d be considered quite a catch? 😛
First impression of the char: How would I know something like that, lol? I’ve known him far too long to be impartial 😛

 Goals ~

 Immediate: to serve Kalidore
Long term: dunno… maybe set himself up one day to take on apprentices of his own, much like Sir Geriant provided for him. Or hell, even settle down, have a family (just don’t tell Adrik he said that)

 Problems/Crisis ~

 How do they react in a crisis: actually, very well! For the most part, Tyden works best when he has to work quickly and efficiently, without time to over-think and relying on gut alone. He keeps his head, and effectively asses what needs doing and relegates the best way to get it done. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule; an emotional crisis would be a thing to avoid at all costs, and dealing with one would probably not be handled with his usual grace and candor…
How do they face problems: If there’s a solution, resolve it. If there isn’t, find one. If it has to do with something of a more intimate nature, ignore it until it goes away….? In general, he tries to avoid those situations in the first place… 😛
Kind of problems they usually run into: most of them? Oh, the sheer diversity in type and number! lol

How they react to new problems: somewhat eagerly; Tyden likes problem-solving and is always up to a challenge. At the same time, he rather wishes that Murphy wouldn’t take the boast so much heart…
How they react to change: a sort of love-hate relationship. He enjoys new sights and experiences and often seeks them out; but sometimes… it just gets… exhausting, y’know?

 General ~

Favorite clothing, why: something comfy. Actually, is not that picky
Least favorite, why: anything that itches. Because it itches D: Also, whatever anyone else picks out for him, but that’s mostly on principal
Jewelry: none; I don’t think he owns any!
Drives: generally he’s self-motivated, though presenting a competitive edge never hurt either
Where do they live: though his permanent residence is Kalidore, Tyden has spent the last several years… traveling, for lack of a better term. What grew out of a desire “to see the world” after he finished in Ardenborough became a rather a meandering journey through the gates. During this time he returned to Kalidore regularly, though not by interval, and never stayed for long. It was only recently, when suggested by Odin that his “direction” was obviously not being honed through futile wandering that he agreed to again make Kalidore his home. This is currently where we find him.
Where do they want to live: Heck if he knows…
Spending habits, why: never being one for material niceties, he’s rarely inspired to do much spending. Plus I have a hunch he’s got a knack for regularly getting off without paying, complete with a standing invitation to come back again soon 😉

What do they do too much of: Besides taking cracks at Lilaini? 😛
Most prized possession, why: he’s very fond of his sword. ’Twas given to him by Sir Geraint when he complete his training, and has always taken very good care of it. He also has a stash of small mementos gathered from his travels which he keeps in a box buried in his storage cupboard.
People they secretly admire: Adar XD Or maybe that’s more envy…
Person they are most influenced by, why: his mentor, Sir Geraint, who was truly like a father to him, and Odin, his Companion and guide
Most important person in their life before story starts, why: truthfully, no one; this was very much on purpose
How do they spend the week just before the story starts: mostly just re-acclimatizing himself to Kalidore – and the Guardians 😛


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