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Through the course of world-building, and exploring that world in the RP, we have been introduced to a slew of characters who have helped shape Kalidore along the way!

The ones covered in these pages range from principal story leads and guides, recurring supporting cast member who shape the world in smaller but equally profound ways, to characters not yet introduced in the current RP storyline.  These include human, unicorn, dragon, elf, and more; as Kalidore continues to expand and grow, new ones will be added as they become pertinent.

If you would like to browse through current rp characters, a full character directory can be found >here<


~ Humanoid Characters ~

F Lilaini
Name: Lilaini / Lily
Race: Human
Occupation: Guardian Apprentice
Lilaini, along with her good friend Rhaine, are studying under the Daiga to one day take up the mantle of Guardian, to ward over Kalidore and keep the old magic alive and flowing. Companion to Gypsy, Lilaini herself is a skilled psionic, telekinesis being her primary skill.

Often strong-willed and opinionated, the fiery Lilaini always has the best intentions at heart; she is foremost compassionate and kind. Attuned to the needs of her people, she is an excellent leader… even if she occasionally has difficulty sharing responsibility with others. It’s just hard when you are as strong both mentally and physically as she is! Having a touch of temper doesn’t help, and even she has her limitations; not acknowledging them could be her own undoing.

Despite that fashion is of no importance on Kalidore, she cannot betray her love for clothing and still wears corsets despite the fact they are rather impractical.

F RhaineName: Rhaine [Amarhaine]
Race: Human
Occupation: Guardian apprentice
One of the apprenticing Guardians of Kalidore, Rhaine is also companion to Muse, and resides with her in the Temple, where all the books of Kalidore are housed. She is a practicing scribe and works to translate the many books and scrolls housed in the collection. She is also a talented healer, and has a natural affinity with the Gates.

Kind to a fault, Rhaine sees her role as being in service to others: everyone is welcomed under her protective, motherly wing. She is cautious and thorough, quietly considering all the possibilities; her presence is calming, and she effectively keeps her head in times of crises. She can however be a bit spacey, lost on a tangent or caught up in an emotion or thought; the nature of her powers also dictates that Rhaine must work to keep balanced, for when she’s not, she can a be very mopey Guardian indeed!

Blithely optimistic, Rhaine feels that the world is essentially good, and that people are essentially good, and wants the world to be a better place by her having been there.

F Tyden
Name: Tyden of Kalidore
Race: Human
Occupation: Protector, Diplomat, and all-round Good Guy
Tyden may not be a Guardian in title, but with his assumption of duties one could consider that merely an oversight. He is Odin’s companion, and one of the few people to call Kalidore his native home. While not particularly magically talented, he is first and foremost a diplomat, and makes a fine ambassador of Kalidore as the Gates open the Isle up to the rest of the world.

Easy going cheerful, Tyden gets along easily with most people and has no particular hang ups. He is generally upfront about things; if he says something, he means it (or at least he was sure he did at the time). Occasionally impulsive, and maybe a little bit reckless, he is eager to a fault and can’t help but add his two cent’s worth… especially if it’s going to get a reaction…

Tyden has a strong sense of honour and is moved to help those most in need; he is resourceful, caring, and kind. His loyalty is unquestionable and he is fiercely protective of those he cares about.

F Daiga
Name: The Daiga
Race: Human
Occupation: Guardian of Kalidore
The Daiga is the First Companion, chosen by Kal herself; together they stood against Thaedor, and restored balance to the Universe.

A wise, immeasurably old, and insatiably kind soul, the Daiga is mother to all, protector of all, Guardian of Kalidore and all the worlds beyond. She is also a patient yet demanding teacher, training young Rhaine and Lilaini to follow in her impressive footsteps.




F Lliam



Name: Liam
Race: Human
Occupation: Ex-soldier, currently confused.

Liam came to Kalidore in a most unorthodox way; he has no companion, but fully embraces his new life among the unicorns – even if it leaves him completely and utterly confused most of the time. He also has a worthy nemesis in Xanthe, although he is completely unaware of this fact.




F Lana



Name: Lana
Race: Human
Occupation: Maker of the Finest Honeybuns and all-round kitchen mastery

Everyone loves Lana, and her honey buns are famous the isle over! Finding her Companion, Spirit, allowed the shy deaf woman to blossom into one of Kalidore’s most beloved figures: she rules the Library kitchens and makes it her duty to see that everyone around her is well-fed.





F MelName: Melisynthe
Race: Elf
Occupation: Heiress, Trend-setter, Force to be Reckoned With
Melisynthe is the eldest child of the King Malion and his ailing queen, Naru, and considered next in succession. Despite being typically aloof and indulgent, she is fiercely intelligent and a progressive thinker, and probably Kalidore’s best chance for renewed alliance with the elven nation.

Mel is a striking vision of idealized beauty, and is nothing if not meticulous in everything she does. She is used to being right, and occasionally needs to realize that other people are at least half as smart as she is. She is however open to new ideas and new experiences, and is quite fearless in the pursuit. Keen, determined, and intense, Mel knows how to make things happen, and is always the cunning diplomat.

Luckily for Kalidore she likes human. A lot.



~ Unicorn Characters ~

Gypsy photo Gypsy.jpg
Name: Gypsy
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Traveller & Guide
As the Companion to the Guardian Lilaini, Gypsy is a key matriarchal figure – compassionate, loyal, and with a commanding presence, it was she who travelled Kalidore seeking lost souls and wayward travellers long before it was commonplace on the Isle.

The steadfast mare is a rock for her young Companion, countering Lilaini’s fire with and composer and gentle grace; their bond is exemplary of what potential awaits a human and unicorn pairing. Ever understanding, her patience with the young and the needy is almost limitless and compassion knows no bounds, but she is firm, ardent, and doesn’t tolerate incivility, narrow-mindedness or prejudice towards others – a trait she shares with Liliani completely.

Bolsterer, peace-maker, den mother: Gypsy is truly a helper to all.

F Odin
Name: Odin / The Dawn Stallion / Stallion of the Silver Dawn
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion, Watcher
As the First Born, Odin simply is. Ageless and wise, with a subtle majesty about him, his domain is the Skyfeilds – the graceful slopes of Kalidore’s northern mountains. He is Companion to Tyden.

All-knowing and immeasurably kind, but because he spends most of his time in the mountains Odin might appear a bit distant, reclusive even – yet this is furthest from the truth. From his vantage in the Skyfields Odin watches all: the many creatures of Kalidore, his family and friends, his world. To protect them, there is nothing he would not do, and fewer still who would dare test him.

If it is advice you seek, Odin will grant it, but do not expect an easy answer. Truth and knowledge, after all, not something learned so much as it is a thing discovered within one’s own self.

Mare Imbrium photo MareImbrium.jpg
Name: Mare Imbrium / Imbri
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Mare, Watcher, Wanderer
Mare Imbrium is a powerful and commanding presence, the firstborn Daughter of Kal and Odin’s twin. Known throughout the isle and beyond, the enigmatic mare is somewhat of a recluse, coming and going like the faces of the moon.

Like her brother, Imbri keeps watch over the Isle and its people, always arriving just in the moment of most need. She is a natural leader but prefers to defer that duty, instead offering guidance and support like a patient and matriarchal figurehead. Proud, and often idealistic, she can be impossible to sway from a fixed course, but wisdom and experience have generally guided her true, her passion and dedication to the Isle never in question.

Imbri is the keeper of old prophesies and dark secrets, a burden the restless mare feels is best carried alone.

 photo Tao of Xanthe.png
Name: Xanthe
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Spellbinder-in-learning
An incorrigible free spirit, Xanthe can’t help but be in the middle of everything, particularly trouble – even when she means well… perhaps, especially so… Xanthe is the chaos factor, a catalyst embodied.

Not yet full grown, Xanthe is studying the magical arts under the guidance of her mother, Muse, and is not nearly an apt a pupil as she imagines herself to be. Whimsical and creative (which works to colour the world a little more then it probably should) she is driven to explore uncharted possibilities… and render solutions worthy of the calamity she creates; as it has been said, Fate smiles on children, fools, and unicorns called Xanthe…

A warm and gregarious soul, Xanthe loves being around people and cares passionately for her family and friends (and her enemies too!) She is determined, thoughtful, and brave, a true friend, and her essential nature is to be happy and ensure everyone around her is happy too.

Name: Arieon
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion
Heroically beautiful, Aerion is every bit the iconic majesty that is the unicorn: grace, beauty, passion, and heart.  He is a gallant champion of Kalidore and all its people.

As the youngest of the Foundation Stallions, Arieon is perhaps a little self-indulgent and a smidgen oblivious; after all, he is fabulous and knows it! Digressions aside, his heart however is in the right place – Arieon wears his heart on his sleeve and is fiercely loyal to the Isle and a protector of the people.

His domain is the beautiful shores of the Tyressline, and he’s not so much about seeking divine truths as he is about enjoying the here and now of the world – and the world is only as fabulous as you make it!

F Falling Star
Name: Falling Star
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion, Teacher, Bard & Guide

The spotted stallion of the Great Plains, Falling Star is a Keeper of Stories and gentle teacher to the isle’s kors.

This cheerful, soft-spoken stallion is well-loved by all; as the Second Son, Falling Star is a horse of the people. Keenly interested in the happenings of Kalidore, he keeps himself well-informed and available. He will gladly share his knowledge with anyone who wants to learn, and has a way of inspiring even the most obstinate pupil. A keeper of the old tales, he is a scholar, a storyteller and guide, and welcomes those who seek wisdom into his fold.

Muse photo Muse.jpg
Name: Muse
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Keeper of the Library Temple
Muse is Keeper of the Temple – the Great Library, where all the books of Kalidore are housed. She is also one of the few Unicorns to practice Spell Binding, the art of rote magic, a skill she is teaching to her precocious daughter Xanthe. As Rhaine’s companion, they share a sense of innate whimsy and optimism, and are both are gentle souls. Muse doesn’t often leave the sanctity of the Isle, however, preferring a day among her books to any adventure in the wilds beyond.

F EphiriName: Ephiri (ef-feer-ee)
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion
With his home in the merry green Kaledon, Ephiri’s light heart and mirthful spirit keep his domain an enchanting, whimsical place.  But don’t let laughter fool you: Ephiri is a wise old soul who simply knows that happiness is key.

F Ulysses
Name: Ulysses
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion, Wanderer
Tormented by old dreams and new visions, the stallion Ulysses is a reclusive, a brooding soul. He roams the Isle in twilight, keeping just out of sight.


Name: Shadarin
Race: Unicorn
Occupation: Foundation Stallion, Hidden

Shadarin’s story is long forgotten, so long has this stallion been absent from the isle… will he one day return?



Other Characters

Name: Phenthor
Race: Dragon

A young, indigo dragon riddled with teen angst, Phenthore came to Kalidore to prove himself, both to Uthor, who had no idea he’d gone, and Sessetine, who’s fault it probably was in the first place.  Instead of finding Kalidore filled with depraved unicorns and their ferocious companions, he finds help, acceptance, and for the first time a feeling that he belongs. As he begins questioning everything he knows, poor Phen’s on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the midst of a brewing war. Obviously, he has some very hard choices ahead of him…

Small Sess SitsName: Sessatine (SESS-a-teen)

With flashing red scales and voice that lure bees from honey and slay them in the same breath, Sess is the embodiment of crazy-beautiful.  As one of Uthor’s prime freelancers she’s in a key position, but never looses sight of how precarious that hold on power is.  Her focus is first and foremost to better her own position in life, everything else comes second. She’s here to win favors with Uthor. Heck, she’s here to win, with whatever side seems to be winning. That’s Sessatine.

 photo llittleTali.png
Tali – a forest wolf, son of Tayo and Vora who currently lead the largest tribe in the Kaledon forest.  The wolves consider themselves Sentries of the Forest, and the latest unrest in Kalidore has hit close to home.  Tali has left his birth pack in favour of travelling with the Guardians, learning about the ills that face his home first hand.

Adar – an extremely naughty and spoiled pocket griffon owned by Lilaini. ‘Nuff said!

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