Falling Star

Falling Star, the Appaloosa Stallion

Domain: The Great Plains
Colour: Chestnut Appaloosa

Legend has it that when he was young, Falling Star was much like his father and boyishly challenged the stars to a race. One bold star agreed and off they went, careening through the universe. The star tried hard to catch him but colt was faster; the star gave its all, glowed so bright and so hot that – POP! – it blew itself asunder! The star shattered into a thousand glowing pieces, and each one of those marked its place on the young stallion’s back like a badge of pride. From then on he was always known as “He Who Raced the Stars Down From the Sky” – Falling Star, the first Appaloosa.

Falling Star’s domain is the restless ocean of grasslands that make up the Great Plains, the pin-pointed stars above reflected in the scattering of marbled flecks across his back. Noble and idealistic, Falling Star sees it as his duty to uphold the old codes: he is a defender of knowledge and a champion of good. As both a teacher and guide, he his a resolute and watchful leader, unafraid to fight the good fight.

As the Second Son, Falling Star is a horse of the people. Keenly interested in the happenings of Kalidore, he keeps himself well-informed and available. He will gladly share his knowledge with anyone who will follow his lead, and though occasionally he might seem forbearing, it’s simply that he cares so much for his people and his faith, and would fight his last breath defending both.

Little Sargent