Arieon, the Ivory Stallion

Domain: Shores of the Tyressline
Colour: Cremello

Some myths say that horses was born from the sea, and the third son of Kalidore certainly gives credence to that story! As the fiery, spirited stallion of the shores, Arieon loves nothing better then to prance along the waves, tossing his beautiful mane – he is handsome and he knows it! Perhaps a little self-indulgent, a smidgen careless, and occasionally distracted, his heart however is in the right place – he’s a fierce protector of his family and friends.

The Tyressline Ocean is a vast sea, stretching far into the unknown reaches of the world; beneath its surface many secrets lurk, but you’re more likely to happen across them while strolling down the sunny beach then by seeking them in earnest. Which suits Areion just fine… he’s not so much about seeking divine truths as he is about enjoying the here and now of the world.

The world, after all, is a wonderful place – but only as wonderful as you make it!