The Isle of Kalidore

The Kalidore Geography Society ~

Mapping of the Isle Beyond the Mists:
A Guide to the Places, Plants, and Creatures of Kalidore

“…The world was born, they say, when a pebble caught in Kal’s hoof and she shook it free. Away it went spinning across the sky, growing until it was the size of a small moon. Delighted, Kala raced along side, making it spin faster and faster as it continued to grow. When at last she was tired, the world was big enough for her feet to rest upon the ground. She gazed across the vast escape and was pleased with what she saw. She breathed over the earth, the first breath, the life-wind, and it blew through the lands to the furthest corners of the globe. Everything it touched sprang to life, bloomed thick and lush, sweet and green. Kala, mother of all, settled into the warm green grass to sleep and dream of life to come…”

– from the Book of Kal

Mapped Regions ~

The Unicorns have called Kalidore their home since time immemorial. Some say it was the first world Kala made, others say it was simply her favourite. Regardless, it was the world which she and Kaëdon gifted to their children, the Unicorns, as a haven for all. 

(more detailed maps coming soon!)
Kalidore’s principle land mass consists a large island with a scattering of smaller isles like rough emeralds in the sea; topical geography varies from region to region, though the whole isle is temperate, governed by the ebb and flow of seasons. It is also volcanic in origin, with the long-dormant Mount Kashuss the crowning peek, the isle supports a number of natural hot springs.

Named regions reflect areas that have been frequented by the humans of the Isle, since Unicorns don’t feel compelled to categorize everything like we do.  More regions will be added as the world expands through the RP ~


 photo The Skyfields.jpgThe Skyfields ~ It is said that when young Kaëdon first galloped across the land, his hooves dug into the earth causing mountains to rise. The vast mountain range to the North is a wild and untouched, appearing sparse and even lonely to the untrained eye.  Yet a certain zen-like tranquility exists here, quiet solitude, which is why Odin makes the mountains home, and his domain is a peaceful one.  Surround by majestic peeks awash with rich green valleys, all under the vast flowing skys,  there is simply something about the mountains that make a person pause, and reflect on the world around them. This is an old land after all, rich with myth and hidden secrets; who know what one might find exploring?


 photo The Akarikari.jpgBluffs of A’karikari ~ The most north-west corner of the isle hosts a unique micro climate of the Akari forests; surrounded by the warm Hadari Sea, snow rarely falls in winter and the vegetation is lush, green, and sub-tropical.  Plants that grow nowhere else on the isle can be found here, and many unique and unusual creatures inhabit this small sanctuary.  The Bluffs over-looking the sea is its most famous feature – straight and immensely tall they stand like a wall to the western sea, like the very edge of the earth; this is also the home of the Ossiprae Griffon, one of the largest of the skycats, and region is governed by their queen, Moroko.


 photo The North Forest.jpgThe North Forest ~ The boreal treeline of Skyfields extends from one end of the island to the other, a deep band of ever-green across the isle.  Here the trees grow tall and straight, mostly conifers and pine, before melting into the deciduous Kaledon forests to the south.  Typically rocky, this can be a harsh land to one unprepared, however, to the Nordenhjørn, it is home. For those who appreciate the simple life and rugged beauty of the land, it is perfect.

 photo The Kaledon.jpgKaledon Forest ~ There are forests you read about in fairy tales where the trees are huge and ancient, where dappled sunlight finds delicate flowers hidden on the forest’s floor, and in the air shimmering motes and butterflies dance through streaming light. If there was one place you might find mythical creatures, it would be here. Bustling with a myrid of woodland creatures both familiar and the stuff of dreams, in the central Kaledon you only need sit quietly for a few minutes to see the forest come alive before your eyes. Here too is where the stallion Ephiri lives, very much at home in merry green forest.


 photo The Great Meadow.jpgThe Great Meadow ~ Like a rolling ocean the grass that stretches across the central plains, the playful wind causing the swells to ebb and flow like waves; no wonder the grasslands are sometimes referred to as “Kalidore’s Sea”. Also called the Great Plains, this wide and beckoning expanse is the central grazing area for animals of the isle.  The majority of young koré grow up here, for this is a gentle land, and it is hear that Falling Star roams, watching over the domain as both mentor and guide to all the aspiring youth of the Isle.

 photo Muse Lake.jpgMuse Lake ~ A small lake perpetually shrouded in mist, Muse Lake is a sacred place. It is said that when Kala awoke after creating the world, she was thirsty, but there was nothing to drink. So she pierced the earth with her horn and a spring rushed to life. That was how the lake was born, and it’s not surprising many believe it holds certain healing properties.  Within view of the shore stands the Library Temple, the only building to remain of the High Kingdom, by virtue of the lake’s natural protection.  Within its walls all the lore of Kalidore is housed, overseen by the Guardian Rhaine and her Companion, Muse.


 photo The Tyressline.jpgShores of the Tyressline ~ The Sea of Tyressline is Kalidore’s great southern ocean which laps over most of the isle; deep and cold, it teems with life and shares its wealth to those on the shore.  That’s not to say living by the shore is an easy life, for the sea has moods and fierce storms can spill over the shores on a moment’s notice.  But there is beauty here, harmony in the rhythm of the waves, and here is where Arieon chooses as his domain on the edge of the southern seas.

 photo The Singing Sands.jpgThe Singing Sands ~ When the wind blows between the reeds across the dunes, it makes a sound, they say, like tiny flutes. It was for this wistful melody that the Singing Sands was named, the spanning, sandy shoreline of the eastern sea.  This fragile land is a meeting place of earth and water, a threshold, and here we must trod carefully lest we undo what nature took centuries to build.  But walk lightly, and this sandy beach is a paradise to be enjoyed by all who understand its delicate balance.

 photo Kala Peace.jpg


Kala’s Peace ~ When the world was done, they say, at last Kal lay down to rest, and where she did a thousands of tiny flowers sprung up all around her and the tees grew like protective arms to watch over her while she slept. That place is called Kala’s Peace, is a place of great and it remains a Safe Haven for all the creatures of Kalidore.




Beyond Kalidore ~

Kalidore is one small world in a bustling cosmos, and while it might seem perpetually hidden away beyond the mists, there are many worlds who share a close connection with the Isle. Through the magic of the Gates, travellers may access infinite ports throughout the universe, apart from time. 


Kylindreal: the Dragon Moon ~

Kalidore has two moons which transverse the sky together; one is Luna, whom it shares with earth, and the other is Kylindreal, native home to the Dragons of Aeon with whom the unicorns share a long and tangled past.  When both moons are full and in the sky together, it is called a Dragon Moon; when this happens in conjunction with the harvest moon it’s known as Thaedor’s Night.

Kylindreal was once a beautiful world, much like Kalidore, but ravaged by war and violent plate tectonics in days past, it is currently primarily an arid and rocky expanse. Of the two main continents, the smaller experiences extreme weather rendering it mostly uninhabitable, so it is the large mass known as the Ra’Karr Province is where most of the population settles.

Besides the Dragons, Ra’Karr hosts a thriving humanoid race, the Dar’Keeli, who arrived on crippled starships as refugees during the Greart War, and granted solace by Thaedor himself.

For more information on Dragons & Dar’Keeli, visit Kylindreal HERE.


Eradael: the Elvin Kingdom

The Elvin Kingdom of Eradael shared a rich commerce with Isle in ages past, and the two cultures are entwined even though the elves have not actively visited in many, many years; after all, it was the elves who built the Temple at Muse Lake, forged the first jewels which the unicorns bestowed, and their magical repertoire fills the Library’s tomes.

Eradael itself is a sprawling kingdom, under the current rein of Maleon the Just; it is a peaceful time and the kingdom flourishes.  Fertile, old-growth forests are the signature of Eradael, and the whole city looks as though it grew from the ground like the trees.  The Palace itself sits entwined with the mountainside, and centuries of building, mining, and growth have not marred the landscape a whit; such is the way with Elves.

The kingdom can be easily reached through the Gates (and other vaguely magical circumstances) and particularly as more humans arrive on Kalidore, it would do well to rekindle those bonds once shared between the worlds.

For more information on the Elves and Eradeal, see HERE.


Earth: A Companion’s Home ~

Earth, Kalidore, and Eradael share a sort of mystic sisterhood; they have always been close at hand, and the oldest Gates have connected them since the worlds were young.  Earth, of course,  is the home of humans who remain largely in the dark about everything magical – even when strange things happen right under their nose.  Humans, of course, have the unique ability to become Companions to Unicorns and unlock a vast  wealth of magical ability and prowess.  Stumbling from earth into Kalidore is the act that puts everything into motion…

Because of the transcending nature of the Gates, all time periods of earth are accessible by an experienced traveller, which sets the stage for Companions to herald from any time or region, and be of any ethnicity or culture.

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Many other worlds do exist – they lie beyond the Gates, waiting to be met, discovered, and explored. A myriad of people and cultures await there too, but are they friendly or foe?  That remains to be seen…