Let the Blogging Begin!

So, what do we do with a Kalidore Blog?  

That’s exactly the question we asked ourselves and realized we COULD be doing a whole lot more here than parroting thread launches and other events.  We COULD be talking about new and EXCITING things that are happening, both here in Kalidore… and beyond!  We COULD be sharing artwork, sketches, new ideas and even stories with our followers & friends.  And we COULD be providing another new and wonderful platform for everyone to participate in and share the experience that is Kalidore 😀

As you know, it’s been really quiet around here.  The Database is still chugging along, and that new fancy gallery we talked about?  turns out it’s not so new and fancy as we hoped, so we’re moving all our images.  Again.   If I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, that’s because it’s exactly how I feel about the situation at this point.

Our Master of Webbery – Delibean – has been working tirelessly on all fronts (she deserves so many cookies)  and I wish I could help out more than I do, but my job is pretty much as tester rather than builder: if Del has put it together, and Whimsy can’t break it, only then is it to be considered done!  Del certainly has her work cut out for her XD

Now what does an artist do when she has her hands tied on her own adoptable?

Well, she starts sketching things, for starters!  There have been many, many sketches over the past year.  You might have noticed one debut in the Fireside thread – that’s right, our Avinorden finally have wings:

The wing template has been completed for BOTH genders, and we’ll be trotting out the first sets during our Birthday bash 🙂

The templates have also been updated for the LE Rearing mare, too.  She’s pretty 😀

And there’s MORE…. but that should likely wait for another post 😉


Not related to Kalidore, but equally time-consuming, I started working at Studio BMFC last August as their graphics person.  Creating high-quality custom “pony nostalgia” enameled pins, our beautiful pieces were SO well-received by the community  that we’ve been working overtime just to keep up with orders.  We also had the incredible honor to be asked to create the collectible pins for this year’s Pony Fair & Extravaganza; they are going to be fantastic, and are ready for pre-order on the fair website.

Many new pins will be coming this spring too, so keep an eye on the Studio’s FB page if you’d like to be afloat of new pony pin updates!

We are so excited to be working with the Pony Fair this year! If you have not already, please make sure to check them…

Posted by Studio BMFC on Friday, March 9, 2018


We hope you are having a happy 2018 so far, and that spring is set to find you soon; it’s gotta be spring somewhere XD  See you soon!