Unicorn & Guardian Stamps

The Unicorns & Guardians ~
These special sets feature some of principal characters about the isle, and offer some pretty amazing prizes, too!

Kala: Kalidore was spun from a pebble by Kal into a beautiful world, a haven for all creatures, and home of the Unicorns, her children. Find Kala’s stamp, and receive a Standard Custom Foundation Mare.

Kaedon: As Kal’s Consort, Kaedon rules the Sky; legend holds that when he was wounded in battle, from his blood sprung the first of Earth’s horses. Find Kaedon’s stamp, and receive a breed with any of Kalidore’s Stallions.

Sons of Kaedon: This elusive set features the first five of Kaedon’s Sons, the majestic stallions of Kalidore. Collect the set of five stallions and win a Passion’s Flame for an out-of-season foal for use with any mare.

The Guardians: The Daiga was the First Companion, and discovered the bond between Humans and Unicorns which allowed magic to flow again through the universe. Together with her apprentices, Lilaini, Rhaine, and Tyden, she sees that this balance remains constant. Collect any three guardian stamps and receive a RP bonus; find the Daiga and receive a custom Companion Illustration & cert.

The Jokers: Because every deck has one…. Submit a joker stamp to receive a Custom Critter Jester; submit both joker stamps and receive a Custom Mesopippen Jester.