ChibiQuinn Stamps

The Chibiquin of Kalidore

What’s smaller then a Mesopippen and just as cute? Meet the chibiquin!The diminutive collection showcases the many colours of the equine coat, providing not only a beautiful set to showcase the range and variation, but also to be used as a tool to help even the most unknowledgeable student understand basic equine colour genetics!

Sets are composed by base colours, modifiers, and dilutions; some are general, just requiring any example of the type, while others are more specific.

Basic sets can be turned in for simple earth stones, while more extensive or exclusive sets for better stones and even breeding slots. Collect them all – that’s right, all 56 of them! – and receive a Chibiquin Mimic Custom of your favorite Kalidore Unicorn.

Basic Set Prizes:
These are small sets that can be procured fairly easily. They require three stamps each, and can be turned in for specific earth stones.

Basic Chestnut – Random Earth Stone (Blue, Amber, Moonstone)
Basic Bay – Random Earth Stone (Blue, Amber, Moonstone)
The Sooty Factor – StarDapple Stone

Base & Dilute Sets:
These large families of colours include dilutes, but no modifiers. There is some overlap between sets, so you might have to pick and choose which ones to complete! There is a selection of prizes for each family, including special edition stamps which can be collected and traded in for even better prizes.

First choice is a selection of Kismet Breeding Charms, to put towards your next breeding.

Second choice is a Special Edition Stallion Stamp. With the exception of Ulysses, these stamps represent a breeding slot reservation for the next Gather Time, to ensure your spot with that Stallion (breeding fees may also apply at the time). However, you can also collect all five SE Stallion Stamps and turn them in for a Sunstone!

Third Choice is a Special Edition Chibiquin Mare in a beautiful, rare colour.

The Chestnut Family – Kismet Choice OR Falling Star Breeding Stamp OR SE Chibiquin
The Bay Family – Kismet Choice OR Ulysses Breeding* Stamp OR SE Chibiquin
The Black Family – Kismet Choice OR SE Ephiri Stamp OR SE Chibiquin
The Dun Family – Kismet Choice OR Odin Breeding Stamp OR SE Chibiquin
The Cream Family – Kismet Choice OR Arieon Breeding Stamp OR SE Chibiquin
*NOTE: the Ulysses stamp does NOT represent a breeding slot with Ulysses!

There is also a small Silver Family “Bonus” set to collect – collect all the silvers and receive your choice of Kismet or SE Chibiquin Mare.

Modifier Sets:
These sets are a little more difficult to procure, but do not overlap with other sets. The prizes are a choice of special breeding stones, or SE Chibiquin.

The Grey Family – Probability Stone OR SE Chibi
The Appaloosa Family – Probability Stone OR SE Chibi
The Roan Family – Silverfade Stone OR SE Chibi
The Paint Family – Gypsy Stone OR SE Chibi

But wait, there’s MORE

Somewhere in the pack is hiding CHIBI chibiquin – find one of these button-sized unicorns and claim yourself a Mesopippen custom!

AND, should you manage to collect all Seven SPECIAL SILVER EDITION Chibiquin Mares for your very own, you can trade them in for a Chibiquin Mimic of your favorite Unikore! Because – cute comes in little packages! And, as we always say, more cute is never a bad thing XD