Here there be Bunnehs

We are HOPPING into 2017!

What do we have here?

Yup, it’s an Anagale – the male of the species to be exact!

Lora’s first order of business was to take some very rough sketches that had been hanging around since the first incarnation of the Anagale, and not only try to replicate Whimy’s style, but Delicious’ inking savvy as well. Talk about a trial by fire XD But with just a little coaching, I think she pulled it off – so welcome the newest critter member to the family!

Even though spring is not for a few months yet, we thought a threadfull of bunnies is always a good thing, yes?

We hope you’ll all join us in Intros for some hopping good fun & games! 😀!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3217214

Winter Solstice Festival ~

Happy Winter’s Fall, Everyone!

The Solstice is nearly upon us, and there’s much excitement happening in Kalidore to see you!
Take part in the crazy Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, play games, Pick-a-Present…
… and what would a holiday thread be without a Cerewynne or two?

There’s lots happening all over, so don’t miss out:

On PonyIsland: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure & Colouring Contest
In Our Game Forum: 50 Days of Christmas Carolling Contest
In General Forums: Holiday Pick-a-Present & the Great Cerewynne Event


Night of the Griffon ~

It’s Halloween in Kalidore and the Griffons are running amok!

Come join us for some spooky fun & games, with lots of fabulous prizes to be won!  And because griffons are involved, you can expect some shenanigans along the way.  But it just wouldn’t be Halloween any other way!

PI Post:!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3212045

Kalidore Post:

“Boo!! Did I scare you?”

A Fairy Tale Birthday!

Kalidore is 8 years old!  Where does the time go?

Welcome, welcome everyone!

 It’s a our 8th Birthday on PI and we are looking forward to celebrating with all of you! Our theme for the event is “A Fairy Tale Birthday”, which means all your favourite characters – and some who will quickly become your NEW favourites – will be joining us for the festivities. And you know what that means: there will be cake, prizes, more cake, auctions, random draws, even more cake, fabulous contests to enter (which may or may not involve cake) and all sorts of wacky, whimsical birthday fun!

Things Happening this Festival:
A Fairy Tale Auction
Birthday Balloon Pop
Cucumbers for the Prince
The Very Short Fairy Tale Contest
Tiddilack’s Comedy Tour
Epic Quest
Cake Quest
Kaldiore Q&A Raffle
maaaaaybe some customs
… and much, much MOAR!

With that, I still have a cake to finish (and ensure that a certain young unicorn doesn’t try to “enhance” it with another spell scroll) so with that, I will leave you to pass the punch and cookies and get this party started!

Sticky Birthday Cake Hugs and Kisses,
Lady Whimsy & the Whole Kalidore Crew ~

The Unicorns of Kalidore and the Temple of Tang…

It’s a new year – the Year of the Red Fire Monkey – which means it wouldn’t be too unexpected if a little monkey business should come your way…?

In Chinese tradition, the monkey is associated with Challenge and Competition, and we plan to provide you with a chance at both this festival. But we promise it won’t be TOO tough, or too long – after all, we have BABIES to get back to – but it just wouldn’t be a the Lunar New Year if we didn’t pause to nibble on moon cookies, washed down with a health dose of Tang!

Who will meet the challenge: the Temple of the Golden Tang!

PI Post:!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3194206
Kalidore Post:

Last but not least, please give Kaats a warm welcome as she helps bring these festivities to fruition with uswelcome aboard, Kaats!

UoK Apple Festival

The Unicorns of Kalidore: Apple Harvest Festival!

Welcome, welcome everyone to our new site, our revitalized forums, and hopefully, an even better way to enjoy your time in Kalidore!

If you’re here that means you have already discovered our website (cool, eh?!) and I’m sure you’ll be happy to learn that large, multi-platformed Festival are going to be the new norm.  That means you have more ways to play, more ways to win, and participate in festival fun.  While PonyIsland will always be considered our first home, we have been outpacing the site in terms of growth and flexibility, and new “upgrades” have made it more and more difficult for both adoptables and general members to function efficiently. Besides, our Kaildore Forums are FREE – no membership required! – so we hope that gives everyone a big incentive to stick around Kalidore for many more years to come <3

So what’s happening where…

On PonyIsland:
P&L’s Grande Dousing Basin
(aka, the Dunk Tank, aka Give Tyden a Bath)
Bai’s Candy Apple Toss

On the Forums:
Bobbing for Apples
Epione’s Cider Sampling
The Great Kalidore Scavenger Hunt

Lots of stuff to do, no matter where you are.  And wait – THERE’S MORE!


~ Q&A Welcome Raffle ~

Have you ever had a question about Kalidore you were just dying to ask?  or something has always confused you to no end and you just need to know now?  or really, what’s up with Tyden leaving his dirty socks everywhere?   Well, now is your chance to find out: we’re running a website-based version of Q & A, that wacky game where you get to ask us anything about Kalidore (and I mean ANYTHING) and we, your humble staff, are compelled to answer. Truthfully, even. What’s not to love about that?

And did we mention the prize:

To enter, simply post your question about Kalidore here in the thread.
Everyone may enter one question for a chance to win; newbies (those who don’t own ANY unicorns yet) may enter two questions.  Best of luck to everyone!

You will need to sign in to post, and Del will need to process new memberships to make sure you’re not a spambot.  Do be patient with us during these small growing pains 😉  If you have any questions or concerns, you can always pm or email us too. We love hearing your feedback, no matter what!

We all hope you join us and have a GREAT fall festival here on Kalidore!

Many hugs and sticky apple kisses,
Lady Whimsy & the whole Kalidore Crew ~

Last Events of current Contesting Thread

Hello everyone!

We hit a few stumbling blocks in the last weeks, culminating with Whimsy needing a whole new computer. (We should know by the end of the week if there was any info loss, but things look very, very good – knock wood!) In the meantime, certing and any other activity that requires photoshop and/or the old harddrive are currently in a holding pattern until (hopefully!) next Monday at the latest.

In the meantime, a new contest is up – The Marvellous Masked Meso of Mystery!
This joins the Dream Unicorn contest which is still running in the forum

Also, the Griffon Stew Raffle is *finally* open – so feel free to dig in!!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3144277

Hope you’ve had a good time in our little Halloween thread with lots of treats!
Best of luck to all!

Game night in Kalidore tonight!

Come and join us for some Fun-and-Games in Kalidore this evening, starting around 01:00 UTC!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3144277

Also, our Trick-or-treat Auction will be wrapping up at 02:00, so you still have a couple hours to land those last bids!
The thread’s the place to be tonight – hope to see you all there!

Halloween Treats!

Hello everyone!

We’re having a short but sweet Halloween Celebration this year — since a winter breeding season is right around the corner There’s still all sorts of goodies to be had of course, including a Troup of Trick-or-Treaters up for Auction, Griffon Stew (with Urdvoggen!) Growing Raffle, somegreat contests and even a pumpkin patch to try your luck in. Hope to see you there!

>Link to Thread<

Happy Halloween, Kalidore!

Foal Naming & Other Goodies

Hello Everyone! We’re playing catch-up this thread to make sure we have everything ready for our annual breeding season later this summer. That means all unnamed foals need to find names, and anything else we may have overlooked taken care of too. If you have anything outstanding, or think we’ve forgotten about something – please drop us a line!

Of course, there will be a smattering of Fun & Games too — including a naming contest for that cute little Mesokoros above! — so do check us out even if you don’t have anything to catch up on. We’re planning fun!

AND, with Breeding Season just around the corner, now’s the time to bank those RP posts if you want to try for an elusive Ulysses breeding slot. Our RP is making it’s final push to the end, so now is an exciting time to join in. All the info you need is in the thread – so see you there