Unicorns of Kalidore ~ The Gathering Time 2016

Hey everybodeeeeeeeee – It’s TIME!
Time for the pitter-patter of little hooves to invade the thread…
And ll you need to join the fun is a mare & to secure yourself a slot, and we promise those will be open for a good long while…

So without further ado – UoK Presents Breeding Season 2016!

Don’t forget to check out the Kalidore Forums too for even MORE Colourist Slots.
It’s going to be a blast, and we’re looking forward to see you all there!

Lady Whimsy & the UoK Midwifery Crew

Gathering Time Status

Hello all!
Just popping in formally to say things have not utterly quiet behind the scenes… but that we simply need ALL our staff people functioning at 110% before we can launch into breeding season. (I am simply not a brave enough person to do it alone! ) Epic Quest hasn’t been forgotten either, and will join a few other activities taking place along with the Gathering Time.

This year’s Gathering Time will run a little differently – a little slower, perhaps, but also longer, which will hopefully allow more opportunities for new unicorns babies! Pricing will run between 500K-$15 at random intervals… so breeding will be a mix up of slot claiming/lottery style slots provided by each available colourist. Of course, if you want to omit all that fuss entirely – there’s always Ulysses slots available via the RP

On that note, world-building for Elvin Empire needs to begin in earnest as we near RP3; I have Lady E’s original notes on the subject as the starting point, but as she’s unable to do more than fly-bys in Kalidore these days, a new team will be assembled to map out this project. So if you are at all interested in World-Building Kalidore & Beyond, please drop me a line! And there are always perks for working behind the scenes

I think that’s it!

Kalidore & Co will be making an appearance at Breyerfest again this year too, so if you are wandering down that way – be sure to come find us! More details to follow closer to the date

*snoogles everyone soundly and makes a big bowl of chicken soup for all our sick staffers*