Howl-at-the-Moon Festival ~

2018 mark the Year of the Dog,
and we are so excited to introduce the Moon-Singers!!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3244347

In Chinese mythology, the dog represents loyalty, honesty, and have a strong sense of justice; the Moon-singers are no different. They are referred to by the Unicorns as the Forest Sentinels, a duty the wolves take very seriously. They reside throughout the woodlands in tight-knit family groups, although they will band together in times of tribal need. Tayo and Vora lead the largest tribe, and as such act as liaison between the wolves and other creatures of the isle. As a major Arcana, they are fluent in the Isle’s languages, but tend to keep to themselves.

Nearly indistinguishable from the Grey Wolves of Earth’s Northern hemisphere, these wolves of course are not only grey, but range in colour from nearly black to nearly white, and many shades of earth brown in between. While their colours are natural-hued, they do show more variation than the earthen variety. (Do note that the Moon-Singers are NOT currently breedable, and though we intend to support this in the future, have no estimate when this will be completed.)

The Wolves of Kaldiore have a rich storytelling history and their tales speak of two mythic beasts, Aiya (AY-ah) and Ag’anae (a-GAH-nay); they are fierce rivals who will one day destroy each other and the world will end. Yet they are also described as valued equals, consorts. These myths speak to the harsh reality of a predator’s existence, a tenuous balance, but also to the sublime understanding that everything – good and evil, life and death, all – are parts of one great whole.

Happy Lunar Festival, Everyone!

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