The Pocket Griffon

The Secret Life of Pocket Griffons ~
Or, Everything You Need to Know about Breeding Griffs

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Griffon Breeding Basics:

Pocket Griffons are fully breedable.  They have a juvenile “chick” stage, before growing into the adult form.  You can also use special Breeding Items to enhance the appearance of your chick, or even decorate the adult griffon.

Breeding items are sold during their specified breeding season.

An average pocket griffon clutch consists of one egg.  Clutches of two have a 20% chance of occurring naturally, and clutches of three or more occur less then 5% of the time.  Certain breeding items can be used to guarantee a two-egg clutch, and greatly increase the chance of multiples.

 photo Autumn.pngGriffon Heredity ~

Heredity is the act of inheriting traits (ie, colour & patterns) from each parent.  At this point in time, heredity in griffons is purely random: the baby has an equal chance of drawing from the mother’s traits, or the father’s traits, or having a blend of both traits combined.

You can help ensure favourite traits are passed on with the help of various breeding items, which can increase your chances of both colour and patterns, and even influence which parent might contribute more.

The results are still prone to random – you can’t pick and choose which gets which – but that’s always the fun of breeding, isn’t it – the suspense & surprise!

Certain traits (like line edits and items) REQUIRE breeding items to pass on. Such edits and items are considered special, so they are quite rare.


Pocket Griffon Breeding Items ~

The only item you must have for breeding are griffon’s Nesting Feathers – everything else is simply there for looks and interest.

The Pouncer’s Feather (Cobalt) are required for a male griffon to breed

Lady’s Feather (Tawny) are required for a female griffon to breed.


~ Bonus Charms ~



Precious Beads ~ Guarantees 2 eggs; increases chance of larger clutches, up to four

Rare Broach ~ Allows unique & event items to be passed on



Bird Mimic Charm ~ blesses chick with random bird’s plumage
Cuckoo’s Treasure ~ blesses chick with traits entirely independent of parents
Cat Mimic Charm ~ blesses chick with random feline coat patterns


~ Scrumptiously Shiny Beetles ~

Red Swirl: Mother’s Influence  ~ mother’s traits are dominant
Blue Swirl: Father’s Influence ~ father’s traits are dominant
Blue Stripes: Pouncing Baby Boy ~ guarantees a boy chick
Black Stripes: Lovely Little Lady  ~ guarantees a female chick
Mottled Rainbow: Imprinting Beetle ~ chick’s colours imprint on the first thing it sees *
Shiny Gold: Bewitching Bug ~ chick’s colours influenced by two male griffs *

* past design-an-item contest winners – congrats tsukisclow & pinkmoonbeam!


~ Button Collection ~

Black: Melanistic ~ darkens the chick
Pale Pink: Leucistic ~ lightens the chick
Oilspill: Colour Boost ~ boost inherited colours
Tortuga: Pattern Boost ~ boost inherited patterns
Stripes: Banding ~ adds banding/striping
Mottle: Spotting ~ adds spotting/speckling


Young Griffon FAQ ~
What can I name my grifflet? – Griffons have no naming restrictions, so the sky’s the limit! Please use standard letters however (accents are fine).

How do I tell if my grifflet is a girl or a boy? – Boy grifflets’ cert has the greek symbol of Mars (a shield & sword – circle with an arrow pointing north-east) and Female grifflets have the greek symbol of Venus (a mirror – circle with a cross underneath). If you’re unsure – just ask!

I see other griffons wearing cool clothing! Will my grown grifflet have clothing too? – Only if you used a special breeding item at the time of the breeding, or purchased clothing in the shop prior to submitting your naming form.


The Well-dressed Griff ~
Griffons get into everything… they are notorious borrowers, love to rummage, and are attracted to bright, shiny objects. It’s not too out-of-place to find a griffon who’s stolen (er, borrowed something from Lilaini’s closet) proudly showing it off to all their kin with lots of squawk and ceremony!

When submitting a name for young grifflette, you will also have an opportunity to apply any accessories you want; of course, griffons don’t NEED accessories to be beautiful, but sometimes they’re fun to play with, and for most items, you have the option of choosing specific colours too.

(Curious to know what the items look like? Our unabashedly bold models at the top of the shoppe having been so kind as to show off several of the wardrobe choices: Hedwig is wearing the January Birthflower, Kismet Choker in complimentary pink, Elegant Cloak and the Fancy Tail Ribbon; Korbin looks very striking indeed in a green ensemble of Toppity Hat, Capable Cloak, Beau-Tie, Dapper Cuffs, Chunky Beads, Peacock Facinator, and the Gilded Heart Talismen. Shortly after this portrait was taken, Hedwig mistook the Facinator for a damsel fly and ate the toppity hat; Korbin countered by stealing the ribbons and both are currently pelting chunky beads at Tyden from the Library Spire…)


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