The Unicorns of Kalidore

On Kalidore, the Unicorns are central to everything; they are its foundation, and the reason why we’re all here!

On this page you will find basic information about the Unicorns of Kalidore, from the different types that exist, their way of life, and the source of magic.  More information can be found about spesific aspects, such as Breeding and RPing, in different sections.

The Gathering Time – general information about breeding, genetics, and enhancements.

Other Kalidore Adoptables – everything else that isn’t a unicorn

The Isle of Kalidore – information about the Isle itself, and surrounding worlds

Character of Kalidore – influential unicorns of the Isle

The Kalidore RP – design and play your unicorn or another character

The Kalidore Gallery – find all Kalidore Adoptables you own here (our smugmug site)

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 Types of Unicorn | Life on Kalidore | Unicorn Magic

The Clans of the Unicorn ~

Kalidore hosts several different types of Unicorn, each unique in build, function, and mentality, yet all are Children of Kal and considered kin.  The Foundation Type is the most common, with the others being recessive and achievable through breeding probability or special items.



Aire photo Aire.png“Foundation” Unicorn – those born in the image of Kala and Kaedon. These are the most common unicorn on the isle, and in appearance most closely resemble in build the Friesian horse – elegantly built with long limbs and chiselled features, abundant hair and delicate feathering around the hooves. They stand on average between 16-17hands, males being slightly larger.

They are the most dominant breed, and foundation-to-foundation pairings always breed true.


 photo Huban Mao.pngTang – the Tang are Limited Edition Foundation-type unicorns who are only available during the Lunar Festival (Chinese New Years).  They are a little shorter than the average unicorn, and support healthy appetites and somewhat rotund figures. Their hair is styled short, and they sport jade-coloured horns.   Tang as a whole are generally easy going and mirthful, and enjoy the company of others.

Do note that Tang lines are not passed on; tang mares will have standard foals unless breeding items are used.


 photo Aellai.png Aviquinn – the wingéd horses of Kalidore. Everything about the aviquinn is delicate and refined. In appearance they are rather Arabian-esque, with dished faces and sickled ears, the tail carried high. Their hair is very fine and feathery, and they are also unhorned; the typical aviquinn stands between 13-14hands high.

Personality-wise, Aviquinns are generally shy, though when warmed to a situation are much more excitable then their ground-dwelling brethren; they are impulsive and eager to seize and revel in the moment, and a few can be downright distracted. But they are clever, kind to a fault, expressive and joyous, taking delight in the immediacy of the world around them.

Aviquinn are very uncommon.  They have a 1/4 chance of breeding true in a regular avi + foundation pairing.


Ismene photo Ismene.pngTorègarde – the giant, majestic sentinels of the isle. These draft-type unicorns are truly awesome, exuding gentle majesty and grace; the are squarely built and roman-nosed, much like the great Shires of earth. Everything about them is massive, including the dense hair and heavy feathering that bells each bucket-sized hoof. They are giants, standing upwards to 22hands tall.

The drafters are of an old order and cause, standing resolutely as sentries to the gates of the isle. They are passionate but reserved, dedicated and resolved, acting carefully and surely with a purpose. But these great beasts are certainly not sombre (though the aviquin might think them dowdy; the tore in turn may consider the aviquin a bit of a flake) they are dedicated companions, both gentle and fierce, compassionate and intensely loyal.

Torègarde are rare; They have a 1/5 chance of breeding true in a regular tore + foundation pairing.


Lorcan photo Lorcan.pngMesopippen – diminutive in size only, the little miniatures of the Isle are spunky and full of zest. Standing under three feet high at the shoulder, they might be the smallest equine on Kalidore, but somehow that often gets forgotten. “Strong legs, strong hearts, strong wills” – sums up the type quite nicely!

Mesos are intelligent, curious and persistent to a fault, occasionally capricious but with the gusto to accomplish whatever they’ve set their minds to. They are dedicated to friends and family and will remember a good deed (or delicious sticky bun); that said, they can also hold a fantastic grudge, and at times their goals may not be the most realistic… All in all, Mesos generally mean well (even if they don’t necessarily succeed) and it’s often strangely hard to stay mad at one for long!

Mesopippens are fairly common. They have a 1/3 chance of breeding true in a regular meso + foundation pairing.


Blodwyn photo Blodwyn.pngNordenhjørn – most at home in the deep Northern Forests of the isle, Nordenhjørn may appear shy at first, but they are only quietly watching and learning before they act. Thoughtful and steadfast, they are both a kind and willing companion, ready to help when needed and give 110% percent. Standing around 12-13h high they are classically pony in both size and appearance, with petite features and thick, woolly hair. Their horns are unique – rustic and self-coloured, they are more akin to ivory then the characteristic mother-of-pearl; Nordens are not above using their horns to scrap away the thick frost and underbrush that makes up their northern home.

Nordenhjørn are fairly common; they have a 1/3 chance of breeding true in a regular nord + foundation pairing.

Life on Kalidore ~

For the Unicorns, life on Kalidore is ideal – a beautiful haven, a fertile and secure place to live, grow, and raise their children –  the life of a Unicorn is generally a happy one, thanks to Kal’s gift; therefore, caring for and protecting the isle so that it might offer the same to all its inhabitants is so important to everyone.  Kalidore is a great place to live.

If you’ve ever wondered about the basics of Unicorn Life on Kalidore, look no further!

For more specific information on adoptable breeding, please visit The Gathering Time.

The Young Unicorn ~

 photo gwyn2wean.png
The Kor ~ A newborn foal is called a kor; a filly a korè (pronounced kor’ah) and colt a koros (pronounced kor’ose), although korè may be used for both genders and to refer to a mixed group of younger unicorns. A newborn korè is almost always at her mother’s side; they are curious, inquisitive, and love to explore – everything is a game, and everything is exciting and new. A korè, at best, has the mentality of a six-year-old child; they tier easily and can work themselves into quite a state when they get frustrated. They are still very dependent on their mothers and those around them, even if they think otherwise!

The Weanling ~
As a weanling, a unicorn’s bustling independence arises early, and in this stage the young unicorn feels ready to go out and explore the world beyond. Of course, they still need some looking after (even if they don’t agree!) and still rely on mother and other adults from which to take their cues. The typical Korĕ s comparable to human children between 8 and 12+ years of age; at this age their personally has begun to take shape, and while there still might be a lot of maturing ahead of them, it’s possible to see the kind of person the young unicorn will become.

Family Life ~

Unicorns consider themselves one vast extended family, and greet each other as sisters and brothers – even if they are not directly related. Korĕ  are raised chiefly by their mother, though are also cared for by the herd stallions, regardless of who their father is, although unicorns are generally aware of their lineage (simply because they do like history, not because any one line is better then the next!) Because they are all children of gods, inbreeding is not an issue either.

Perhaps the greatest difference between humans and unicorns is that unicorns do not pair-bond.

As with horses of earth, the herd stallions are the Great Stallions of Kalidore who watch over the mares in their care; they don’t pick favorites among mares and all kors are treated equal, regardless of parentage. They take their role very seriously and tend to stay within their domains while mares are left to travel freely throughout the isle; therefore it is the mare who chooses her stallion. And while there maybe a great deal of fondness and affection between individuals, unicorns do not become “romantically involved” with one another, nor do they have “crushes” or “fall hopelessly in love”. These are all chiefly human attributes, and while serve a purpose withijn the human condition, are not part of unicorn physiology.

As for the young Koros, they are not considered suitable breeding partners so are not taken seriously by the mare anyways; thus koros are free to travel the isle like the kore counterpart, doing as they please. There’s probably more difference between individuals then there are between the sexes, anyways, as both can warm and nurturing, and fiercely protective of kin.

Unicorn Magic ~

Unicorns are celestial beings and innately magic.  They are vessels for holding magic, and bring magic into a place simply by their being there.  Yet unicorns are unique in that they cannot use that magic, except in passive ways: healing, purification, and transcend languages to understand and speak them all.  The most learnéd  among them can also command the Gates, allowing to travel to and from Kalidore at will.

Spell Binders (and their apprentices) are a old order of unicorns who utilize spell-scrolls to invoke a wide range of magical talents; they were last active before they great war, but as the hint of war stirs Kalidore again, it might be time for that old order to unite again.

For more on magical skills and abilities of Unicorns, visit The Magic of Kalidore.

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