The Ultimate Kalidore RP Guide

Everything You Needed to Know
About RPing in Kalidore

Welcome to Kalidore! DON’T PANIC 😀

Greetings! If you’re reading this page, that means you’ve stumbled into Kalidore and are deep enough through a Portal Gate that you’ve decided to stick around a while, have some cookies, and maybe even join in an RP.

At first glance, “jumping in” might seem daunting, even overwhelming, but we’re here to reassure you: everyone is welcomed, no previous experience is necessary, and, if you need us, we’re here to walk you through every step of the way. Plus, there are always cookies, and that is certainly a perk 😉

We hope this guide will you navigate your first few days around the isle. As always, if you have questions, just ask. We’re a very friendly and chatty bunch, and are here to help. Hope you enjoy your stay, and – see you in Kaldiore!

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Your Guardians of Kalidore,
Lady Whimsy & Lady Del

do help yourself to a cookie 🙂

Table of Contents:
1. The Basics
2. What in the World is Kalidore
3. It’s all about Character
4. The Truth about Unicorns
5. Being a Companion
6. All About Magic
7. The Critters of Kalidore
8. The Story… so far
9. Principal Characters

Quick Links to Other Pages:
The Unicorns of Kalidore – basic about the Unicorns
The Isle of Kalidore – the geography of the Isle and beyond
The Magic of Kalidore – what it is and how it works
Other Creature Adoptables – the other critters
The Bestiary – complete creatures of the Isle
The Library – the collected stories of Kalidore
Principal Characters of Kalidore – Kalidore’s who’s who


null Welcome - Basics

First, the Basics.

Who can join: Everyone!

What is it about: adventure, exploration, mystery, and magic!

What kind of character can I play: If you have a Unicorn you are welcomed to RP as that, and/or as a human companion who has wandered into Kalidore. Once you have an idea, fill out a profile form and have your >character approved< here!

What if I don’t have a unicorn: No problem! You can always play a human who has not yet found her/his companion yet, and more character types are being created all the time!

What can I win: Unicorns, exclusive Ulysses breeding slots, rare breeding items, Companion Certs, critter companions, and much, much more!


 ~ Kalidore RPs at a Glace ~

We are a fantasy-based equine online adoptable. We also have a rich role playing component; you do not need to own an adoptable to participate in the RPs.

Main role playing/meta plot events take place on the forums. Our RPs tend to be story-heavy and detailed, but this is certainly not a requirement – we welcome and  encourage everyone of any age, writing level & abilities!  We ask that all public writing stays PG-13.

The stories played out are fantasy based, rich in magic and myth, and cover a wide (and growing!) range of playable character types – and more are being added all the time as the Kalidore universe continues to grow!

RP’s are ongoing and can be joined at ANY TIME. If you’re not sure how to jump in, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. Old RP stories are stored in our Library, so feel free to check them out.

Our RP thrives on your interaction – so the more you put into it and interact with other people and the environment, the more rewarding the experience will be. Plus, there are usually great prized to be won!

Your hosts are Lady Whimsy and Lady Del, who are eager to make your time in Kalidore as enjoyable as possible. Any questions whatsoever – just ask! – that’s what they’re there for 🙂


Basic rp’ing rules can be found  >here<


The World

 What in the World is Kalidore?

Kalidore is known as the “Isle Beyond the Mists”, akin to such magical places as Avalon or the Faerie Kingdom, just beyond the realm of our own. Travel to the isle is possible through mystical portals called Gates, which can be stumbled through by chance, or summoned by the most potent of magical users.


Here There Be Unicorns:
It is also the home of the Unicorns of Kalidore, the decedents of the first Unicorns, Kala and Kaëdon. These majestic creatures have little in common with the equine counterparts of earth, and have a rich history and culture. They are the governing body on the Isle, considering themselves responsible for the well-being of all its creatures, and from time to time parlay with the worlds beyond Isle, too.

The story of how Kal created the created the world and other myth can be found in The Library.


Geographically Speaking:
Kalidore is an island, crowned by great mountains in the north, rich forests and vast inland grassland; the isle is surrounded by the cool Tyressline Sea in south-east, and the deep Hadari Sea in the North-weast.

Climate varies somewhat from region to region, but for the most part it is a temperate environment, with the most extreme weather to be found in the Skyfields.

For a full geographical breakdown & locations, as well as detailed overviews of nearby worlds, please visit the Isle of Kalidore.


Flora & Flauna:
The Isle is home to a host of creatures both familiar and the stuff of myths; most are akin to present-day earth, although there are a few notable exceptions.  Besides Unicorns, Griffons are commonplace and range from pocket sized to siberian tiger; several “extinct” species roam the isle too, including the woolly mammoths who roam the Skyfields.

Kalidore has a rich and diverse plant kingdom, most of them very earth-like in type and usefulness; certain cultivated Elvin strains might offer a surprising bit of variety .  There is also at least one species of sentient plant, with more regions yet to be charted…

For more information on the creatures of the Isle, see The Bestiary.


Beyond Kalidore ~
Kalidore is only one small world in a bustling and diverse cosmos.

Earth is always close at hand; the oldest Gates have linked these two worlds since time immemorial, and they share many commonalities.  Because of the transcending nature of the Gates, all time periods of earth are accessible by an experienced traveller.

Kalidore has two moons: clear and desolate Luna, which it shares with Earth; and Kylindreal, the Dragon Moon.   Within Kylindreal are two large continents, the smaller experiencing extreme weather rendering it mostly uninhabitable, and the larger, though generally more arid and dry than Earth, is the natural home of Dragons.  It also hosts a refugee humanoid race, the Dar’Keeli, who were granted solace there during the first Great War.

For more information on Kylindreal, the Dragons & Dar’Keeli, see the link HERE.

Mirroring Kalidore’s connection with Earth is the Elvin Kingdom of Eradael, which has a similar parallels with its sister world, and can be reached through the Gate and other vaguely magical circumstances.  It is probably the most familiar world to Kalidore and a strong commerce once existed between the two. Currently, the worlds are in the process of rekindling these bonds, especially as the humanoid population on Kalidore continues to grow.

For more infromation on the Elves and Eradeal, see HERE.

Many other worlds exist – they lie beyond the Gates, waiting to be re-met, discovered, and explored. A myriad of people and cultures await there too, but are they friendly or foe?  That remains to be seen…


null Characters

It’s all about Character ~

One of the most important things in any RP is having a interesting, engaging, and well-thought-out character to romp around and play in the world. On Kalidore, there are several defined races and more will be added as we reach them in course of the story. There are a few restrictions on certain races, but hopefully this will not deter you from creating and building a character you truly enjoy. As always, if you have questions – just ask – we’re here to help!

Character Profile forms can be found >here<

We ask you to take your time and create a unique character who both appeals to you and works within the Kalidore paradigm. Different character types also have different sensitivities to magic, which determines their overall magical potential.

You can find more information about Kalidorian Magic Here.

Current Character Races at a glance ~

Humans – the most diverse of the races, and a character of choice; if you say rp’ing a human is boring, then you’re not doing it right, lol. Not only are they among the most versatile, on Kalidore they have great magical potential when bonded with a unicorn.

Because of the portal Gates, your human character can come from any era.  And while it’s certainly acceptable to romanticize somewhat, we recommend doing a little research on your era of choice, to help create a realistic and balanced character.


Unicorns – as wise caretakers and guides, the unicorns of the Isle are essentially good. This is not to say they don’t have a range of different personalities – for they do, but there is a definite gentleness about them, a reflective quality, and drive to uphold the greater good.

Please note – you may only RP unicorns you own; if you don’t have unicorn, you can always rp as another race until you obtain one of your own (and, you can even win won through your participation here!)


Elves – while physically quite alike humans, elves are culturally distinct; they are proud race and tend to be emotionally cool, keeping to themselves and avoiding outside conflict. Elves also have innate magic, though skill varies from individual.

The elves will be formally introduced in RP3; world-building is currently in progress HERE.


Dragons – personality wise, dragons are most similar to humans then the other races, which means they have a wide range of passions, interests, and egos. They also posses celestial magic, the most coveted and powerful of magic, though there is a great range of abilities and skills.

Because they have the potential to be so powerful, dragons characters are scarce and are allowed only pending approval.


The Dar’Keeli – refugees of Kylindreal, Dar’Keeli are essentially humans who have been “gifted” the innate magical ability to transform into a fixed animal type; human feature may remain traces of that animal. While politically neutral, they remain sympathetic to Thaedor whom they see as their benefactor.  They possess no other magic.

The Dar’Keeli will be formally introduced in RP3.


Other/animal – there are many sentient races on Kalidore, including the wolves, cerewynne, mammoths, and the larger griffons of the Skyfields. Each creature has it has its unique strengths and weakness, beliefs, and cultural traditions,  so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Please ping us for more information and character approval.


Other/humanoid – as the Kalidore universe expands, new cultures will be “discovered”. Stay tuned!



The Truth about Unicorns

Unicorns ARE…
The Unicorns of Kalidore are an archaic and majestic people, the children of Kala and Kaedon, of the gods. Thus, while they enjoy a wide range of personality types and characteristics, there are key elements that make them uniquely unicorns.

• they are unicorns, not horses
While they have equine bodies, they do not have equine minds. Horse-like gestures are fine – after all, they have equine bodies, how else *would* they gesture? – it’s more the horse-like intentions: snapping, biting, shying away as horses would… Unicorns are a braver, more resolute race; therefore, a lot of the fear-bases responses that horses have are not present. Oh, they’ll get moody and bare teeth, might even nip you soundly in frustration; Unicorns simply have a greater depth of character, and a richer repertoire of reactions. After all, unicorns do use common speech, too.

• they are unicorns, not humans
While they certainly behave more “humanly” then “horsely”, it’s good to remember that the human experience has been shaped by culture and society, and belief systems; the unicorns have had an independent existence, so do not necessarily harbour the same beliefs or moralities. Their cultural experience is obviously quite different, and this is reflected in their way of doing things and reactions to the world.

In general, unicorns are:
essentially good, and will stand up for the greater good
rather zen-like in their beliefs and ways of acting
intuitive, passionate, reflective, be-ers, do-ers, easy-going, assertive, live to celebrate the marvel of the universe, existence, and everything else…

In other words, the typical unicorn is a content, well-balanced individual. This is not to say that they’re always happy, or don’t have their inner worries, doubts or fears, or even that they’re all nice people (though the truly cranky unicorn is more an exception then a rule!). They’re a good people, but still, well, people!

Another aspect that affects how a unicorn will present itself is age.

We are not particular about age consistencies in Kalidore, so you may choose play your Korè at whatever age you please, and grow them as you feel it appropriate for their character. Do note there are certain limitation with age, especially the very young, and act accordingly. For instance, it is not anticipated that very young unicorns would leave Kalidore, or participate in major quests, nor would mothers with babes afoot consider tagging along on such events either.

In general, unicorns have a love of learning and keep growing and expanding themselves – no matter how old they are. And after having been so sheltered on Kalidore all these years, it is not surprising that they may begin to entertain new concept and ideas as they meet and experience other cultures!

Another very important note about unicorns: unicorns do not pair-bond.  

While they have strong family ties and are quite affectionate with each other, they do not become “romantically involved” nor do they have “crushes” or “fall hopelessly in love”. These are all chiefly human attributes, and while serving a purpose within the human condition, are not part of unicorn physiology!

You can learn more about the life of Unicorns, and the different types that exist HERE.



The Companions of Unicorns ~

It was Kal’s blessing that allowed unicorns and humans to bond, and with that brought magic into our grasp. Thus the bonding of a unicorn and companion is a very important event, a thing both coveted and feared the universe across.

Not every human and every unicorn are destined to pair however; those who do are said to have felt a calling that compelled them to answer. This happens most often, they say, when the world is in a time of Great Need.

In general, bonding:
allows a human to access & utilize magic
is gender-similar; thus kore bond to women and koros to men
does not happen to every unicorn or every human, and bonding in no way affects the status of either among unicorns
happens to adult unicorns and humans. It is very VERY unlikely that a youth of either species will form a bond, as both are still developing their sense self

Finding a Companion can enhance the lives of both Unicorn and human, and happens when both partners are ready; this isn’t to say neither party will have doubts, but it is something both are willing and eager to work out.


The Source of Magic ~
Bonding with a unicorn means the human companion gains the ability to tap into the source of magic [the Unicorn] although type of magic which develops is determined by the human alone; unicorns are merely conduits and don’t participate in magic except in passive ways.

In general, magical ability develops slowly. In the early stages the physical closeness of one’s unicorn is often needed for the companion to perform; as their skills grow, this is not a requirement, though proximity always seems to help with the intensity of magic produced.


For more in-depth discussion on companions & other magic, please see The Magic of Kalidore.



Kalidore’s Magic

Magical ability (XP) is gained by a companion through participation in the RPs..

Magic effects each race a differently, and within each the ability to use it varies greatly. Some creatures, like Unicorns  and Dragons, are innately magical; others, like Elves, are attuned to magic and able to tap into that source without help. And then there are humans, who, for the most part, are magically oblivious – yet posses a great magical potential; becoming the Companion of a Unicorn enables a humans to tap into and use magic.

Magical usage can also be categorized into five elemental types – Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Celestial.  It is possible that a user might be able to tap into more then one kind, but to achieve any proficiency, it’s best to focus on one, and each has its own vulnerabilities and boons.

Not every magic user will be able to use every aspect within their element, but it’s a good guide to use when character planning.


Air – Element of the Mind: A wielder of this kind of magic must first be strong in mind and body and competent in their own defences, as some forms of practice can leave the mind vulnerable to others, if the use is not careful. (A mind, after all, is such a terrible thing to loose…)
Common traits include: telepathy/communication, scrying/far-sight, telekinesis


Water – Element of the Heart: Water Magic is subtle power, but with big results. It is similar to Air Magic, but deals with things on a more innate level. This magic requires a calm soul and the ability to keep oneself grounded, for it can at times be overwhelming and draining. It is also important to maintain control, because it’s easy to get swept away…
Common traits include: empathy & heightened sensory sensitivities, clairvoyance, healing/restoring abilities


Earth – Element of the Body: Earth Magic is an old magic. It’s a creative magic too, and a skilled user can have profound results – earth-shattering, even! – yet at the same time works with divine subtly. Earth magic is the most stable of the elemental forms, but one should still remain proactive and keep healthy and balanced while in its practice.
Common traits include: coaxing/inhancing of plant life, shaping of natural elements & other earth forces (gravity, magnetism etc)


Fire – Element of the Soul: Fire Magic is potent and fierce, but amazingly versatile and nimble.  Indeed, a skilled user seems sometimes to know no bounds! However, something so fluid and enveloping can be very seductive, and users of this magic type must work to stay focused and retain control.
Common traits include: produces fire/heat, compounds & chemicals alterations/manipulation


Celestial – Elemental Magic: Celestial Magic is endless, creative, and unbound, the sum of all the earthly elements combined. It is also the only magic able to create something from nothing, life from dust; it is a hugely expansive kind of power, and as the course of history has shown, is probably best left to the gods.
Common traits include: creation of gates / teleportation, conjuring & shape shifting, immortality


Note: Some users of each magic type can achieve talent of Celestial scale, but this is extremely rare in most races. Even races who boast magic users of this calibre would find it similarly unlikely to have the full range of celestial powers.

For more in-depth notes on the Magic of Kalidore, see the main Magic page HERE.


Other Magic ~

The Gates:  The Gates are mystical, mysterious entities as old as the universe itself. Despite all the stories surrounding them, a Gate itself is a simple enough thing: it is a fixed spot in the universe that transcends space and time. Creatures and objects can pass through these portals and travel from one place to another, or even another time.

Gates are both naturally occurring and can be created/summoned by users of celestial magic; grounded in old magic, they tend to manifest around the base of old of trees, taping the magic through their roots.

Spells & Scrolls: While most magic used by an individual is classified by type, there are certain ways to get around magical limitations. One is through the use of spells – a word or phrase that evokes a magical response.  The elves claim to have first honed this art and perfected it, and most spell scrolls on Kalidore are Elvin in origin.

The limitations are that spells DO take time to master and perfect, and a user must already be intune with magic to initiate them.

Again, more detailed information on Gates, Scrolls, and Other Magic can be found on the main Magic Page.




The Critters of Kalidore:
Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Pets & Animal Husbandry

The Gift of Speech ~
While unicorns can communicate with all creatures of the isle fluently, some animals are simply more linguistically gifted then others. Those who speak with the common tongue (and can be understood by all reciprocal creatures, including humans) are referred to as Major Arcana, and generally not considered “pets” (indeed, many might take offence to the notion).  Major Arcana are animals who have developed, complex societies and histories, and speaking freely with their neighbours is important to keeping the peace (although this might not always work). It should also be noted that creatures who don’t talk are not considered lesser beasts – it’s simply that verbal communication was not important to those creatures’ development.

And yes, while a unicorn could indeed carry on a conversation with a yak, remember that the conversation would probably be limited to the things the yak found important, like grass… the colour of grass, the smell of grass, where to find the tastiest grass and the choice times of day in which to consume it.

Therefore, while you can have your pets “communicate” with your unicorns and companions, they must do so in relevant terms. Thus your pocket griffon is not going to easily relate the coordinates of brilliant treasure it saw on its journey any more than a diki would come up with a master plan (unless perhaps it revolves around raiding the Temple’s pantry). World view is limited by experience, and it is important to be true to type.

Click here to learn more about the Creature Adoptables of Kalidore.

Click here for all creature information in the Kalidore Bestiary.


Domestication on Kalidore

First and foremost, repeat after me: Unicorns do not have pets.

This is from a specifically RP standpoint and has nothing to do with your certed adoptable, but it is a very important distinction to make. After all, the “ownership” of other creatures is a chiefly human concept, and one quite alien to the unicorn worldview. While they may have many creatures whom they are engaging and friendly with throughout the isle, they would never consider them their pets, in no way encourage domestication, and you wouldn’t expect to see a unicorn wandering trough the woods with a posse of critters following at its heels.

Therefore, if you are playing a critter who is a pet, he or she is the pet of a humanoid companion. Period.

This is not to say that you can’t rp an unmatched creature (ie, one doesn’t specifically belong to any one person), simply, that a unicorn wouldn’t be the one it’s attached to any more then Tali the Wolf is going to get chummily with an urdvoggen. While your unicorn might enjoy the company of diki out in the meadow, she’s not going to invite them home for dinner!

Animal Husbandry ~
Domestication has occurred on Kalidore since the first Companion set foot there; even the Daiga has her herd of milking goats, and Tyden as a child was known to have all sorts of creatures follow him home. At the temple, Rhiane has a flock of various egg-laying fowl (and one emu) and Lilaini could probably open a zoo with the number of tamed critters that call her backyard home. Perhaps it’s that innate longing to understand & experience different perspectives that makes humans to want to share their lives with others creatures; of course, one cannot overlook the way animals have improved human lives too – providing food, fur, and protection (and Kalidore is not, and never will be, a vegetarian isle).

Making a pet of a cute little creature can happen easily enough, but remember: having a pet is also a big responsibility! Luckily, many of the animals – such as pocket griffons – can remain in a feral state, which means while friendly enough if you’re offering food, they won’t rely upon you to meet all their needs. Other creatures – a tamed anagale, for instance – are going to need a lot more attention, otherwise will likely to become Tali’s lunch if left to fend for themselves.

So before your character adopts an oodle of pets, think:
• what is the relationship with the animal? (truly tamed, semi-feral)
• how do they care for them? (do they live on Kalidore, or just visiting?)
• what happens to the animal while they’re off on a quest? (and no, for the most part, you can’t just ‘take it with you’…)

We also strongly encourage that you start yourself off with only one or two pets; this is so you can better develop their personalities, and explore how the inter-relationships will work between your companions. If you feel your character needs to have a multitude of critters, you must clear it with an RP Moderator first. While we agree that rules are there to be challenged, we also think there’s challenge enough in rping *one* cocky critter and want you to do this well before taking on more then you – or your critter – can chew!

Also, pets should be played within “pet appropriate” situations. So yes, sitting around the campfire in the Great Meadow telling stories – perfectly acceptable to have your pets hunkering down with you and lending an ear; sneaking them through a Gate in your pocket… do you really want to have a Guardian (*cough*Lilaini*cough*) mad at you? No you don’t. Trust us on this.

If you have any questions about an rp situation or whether you can bring Fluffy along on your companion’s newest quest, don’t hesitate to ask!

Quick Do’s and Don’ts of RPing Pets:

– research the type of critter your pet is, and play him or her appropriately
– less is more – get the handle on rping one pet well first before opening a menagerie
– be considerate of others, and mind your pet doesn’t make a nuisance of itself

– try to out-Adar Adar. Any such pets will be eaten by Adar.
– declare your pet is a beastly wild animal who comes to you and alone, an unbreakable bond forged when you rescued him from the jaws of death and nursed him back to health; he now waits eagerly for his chance to return the favour, loyal only to you unto death and beyond… need I go on?



The Story So Far…

When the universe was new, Kala created Kalidore as a haven for all…
When the universe was at war, Kala stood with her Companion and restored hope for all…
When the universe is in need again, Companions will be called to Kalidore, that they may take up Kal’s lead and bring with them peace, light, and harmony for all…

~ The Unicorns of Kalidore,
From the Al’therwen Tomes

Kal’s Story: A Brief History of Kalidore ~

The story of Kalidore is always growing and expanding, now is the perfect time to join in and help shape the world!

The story grew out of that small seed of inspiration, blossoming into the vast world of the RP.  If you’d like to know what’s happened so far, you might enjoy reading our previous adventures, which have been handily stitched together and formatted for readability, and are quite a blast – at least, we sure had fun writing them!

The on-going RP Chronicles of Kalidore can be found in The Library.

Now, if you’re not up for all that reading, but still want to know what’s going on, here is a brief synopsis of The Story So Far. And as always, if you have questions, just ask – we’re more then happy to help bring you up to speed 🙂

The Birth of a World

“…The world was born, they say, when a pebble caught in Kal’s hoof and she shook it free. Away it went spinning across the sky, growing until it was the size of a small moon. Delighted, Kala raced along side, making it spin faster and faster as it continued to grow. When at last she was tired, the world was big enough for her feet to rest upon the ground. She gazed across the vast escape and was pleased with what she saw. She breathed over the earth, the first breath, the life-wind, and it blew through the lands to the furthest corners of the globe. Everything it touched sprang to life, bloomed thick and lush, sweet and green. Kala, mother of all, settled into the warm green grass to sleep and dream of life to come…”


In the beginning, they say, Kal created the universe when she parted the chaos and brought forth order and light. She had been given the Gift of Dawn – the power to create and build and grow, and the universe blossomed around her; to this day all Unicorns share that vital spark, the drive to help and heal, bringing light and magic into the world simply by their being there. The Dragons, who arrived just after Kal, were given another gift, a potent gift, the Power of Dusk – the ability not only to create, but to destroy. And while they vowed to use such power wisely, it remained before them a Pandora ’s Box, waiting to be opened…

So it came to pass long, long ago, that the harmony of the universe was shattered when the Dragon Thaedor rose to power and sought to claim the all secrets of the universe for himself. As civilization after civilization fell, it was Kala who sought help in the most unlikely of places – the fledging planet earth, and chose a young human woman as her Companion. This bond created an unexpected boon, for while Unicorns are of the elemental magic, they cannot act on it, and humans, while holding unbound magical potential, were not able channeling it. Together, they create a great force, powerful enough to match Thaedor’s own.

Together, Kal and the Daiga defeated the mad King and closed the Chaos Gate, and the universe returned to an era of peace.

Thus Kalidore enjoyed a long period of quietude; in this time the unicorns and the isle flourished, and in the early days travel between other worlds was commonplace. Soon however, the age of myth began to fade and the one by one the Gates to closed, as if the universe had fallen gently asleep. The Daiga resided on Kalidore as both Guardian and Gate Keeper, and it was a great many years before other humans shared the isle with her. First was Tyden, who came to her an orphaned babe and she raised as her own grandchild; next was Rhaine, a young girl with an uncanny affinity to the Gates. Last but not least came Lilaini, who found her way into Kalidore of her own accord and showed great magical promise. The Diaga happily took them all under wing, and when the young women came of age, began training them as her apprentices…

RP 1 ~ Seeking A Companion:


When the Daiga announces that certain challenges may lie in Kalidore’s future, the answer heralds an astonishing realization: unicorns the isle across have begun to feel the call – that restless and urgent summoning to seek their Companions. As their first duty as acting Guardians, Lilaini and Rhaine summon a portal Gate to modern day earth, which doesn’t quite go as planned; finding themselves drained of magic on the other side, they must then rely entirely on the unicorns’ perception and the existence of elusive, naturally occurring gates to lead them to the new companions.

Sierra Rose finds her companion in the modern deserts of Nevada; Tyden, Firea, Spirit and Xanthe sneak off in the middle of the night to find Fiera’s young companion Alison, and through a happy mishap stumble across Spirit’s companion Lana in 1800th century Georgia on the way home. When the group reunites, little Aquila leads them to her companion among some pirates of the Caribbean, when suddenly Persephone implores that her companion needs their help – and now!
 photo catandmouse.png
In 16th century Ireland the Guardians and Tyden race to save Aislinn from the villagers who would have her burned at the stake for witchcraft. In their absence, the other unicorns and their new companions are happened upon by a scouting party and must defend themselves. Pasiphae critically wounds one, the dutiful solider Liam, while her friends make a break for town; however, unable to leave him to die, the conflicted mare manages him onto her back and heads out after the others.

Cornered by an angry mob and the sheer face of the sea, the guardians quickly realize they cannot reach the gate in time, and Mare Imbrium instructs Rhaine to summon another. At her urging the reluctant young woman does so, unlocking a huge and sprawling gate that not only allows for everyone’s safe return, but initiates ALL the Gates – the whole isle across and beyond – creating open passage across the universe for the first time in centuries.

And so all return safely to Kalidore, and there are new companions again, and the isle once more lies open to world, to be found by those whose hearts seek it…

It is a dawning of new era.

RP2 ~ Ulysses’ Odyssey ~

Unicorns and Dragons both rose for from that first burst in the Chaos, but whereas Unicorns were made the source of magic without out the ability to use it, Dragons were able to wield the innate power they possessed. It was Kal who restored order to the Universe all those ages ago, when Thaedor stood up and declared the Source of Magic for his own, but her victory was not complete because there were Dragons still who believed in might and violence, and would stop at nothing to restore a fallen king’s thrown.

Ramathor’s questionable death awarded Uthoreon his thrown, and his first act was to drive supporters of the Old Queen into hiding. He then set out to reclaim what had been lost, and to seize, once and for all, that which Thaedor had been unable to hold… but first, he had to find it. For eons it seemed magic had lain dormant, and with it the key to that phenomenal wellspring seemed lost too. Then one night a beacon of magic and flared bright, gone before the dragons could source it; the hunt was on…

The Unicorns and their Companions have set out into the vast, unexplored regions of the Skyfield Mountains in search of a newly arrived Son of Kaedon, the stallion Ulysses. It is the first time many of the human companions have ever been to Kalidore, seen magic, or had such an adventure ahead; the Guardians are confident however, and of course the Unicorns are there as both helpers and guides…
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Yet all is not well on the green, green isle; in the Kaledon, they learn from the Forest Wolves that a Great Beast is loose on the isle, leaving carnage and chaos in its wake.  And even with addition of the young wolf, Tali, to their group, it seems that chaos insists on visiting them too – in the form of a giant horned cavebear, driven mad by sickness.  Tyden and Lilaini are able to save Tiponi, Lumanista’s companion and newly arrived on the isle, but Liam is critically wounded; were it not for Rhaine’s keen skill and Odin’s healing, he would have died. Gingerly, the group presses their way into the Skyfield mountains, where yet further disaster awaits: a certain small griffon manages to cause a stampede, and it is only the appearance of Ulysses himself that saves the group again.

Having left to retrieve supplies, Tyden stumbles across yet another new companion in the mountain valley, and, in what sounds like the punchline of a bad joke, a bizarre Mexican stand-off between a Skycat, a Mammoth, and a Cerewynne with a metallic red scale at the bottom of mess (quite literally).  Meanwhile, Fiera, back to her wandering ways, discovers a little lost girl Lyonee, and a strange, bad-tempered plant who calls himself Kaus Mio (among other things), and further finding Astarte and her new companion Sapata, brings them all back to the group.

Camping for the night in the mountains, Ulysses is unable to stay with the others, having been gone from Kalidore so long.  Tormented by old wounds and old wars and spouting prophecies, the rouge stallion refuses to remain, and in the end Odin sets out after him.  The following morning the group sets out alone, only find the cause of Ulysses’ distress – a dragon! – stuck, upside down in a griffon’s nest.  Gypsy insists any creature in need must be helped, and they do, and so Phenthore, the young dragon becomes the newest member of the group.

Not more then a days travel into the mountain then disaters stikes again: barely upon the ruins of Al’therwen, the ground opens up beneath them, swallowing half the group into the ancient mines below.  Lilaini now leads one group above ground, and Tyden the other below, and they plan to meet up again on the other side of the ridge, where hopefully Al’therwen lies there too.

But what else might lie beyond in that strange wilderness? And what dark secrets might our companions stumble upon in their quest? As the Dragon Moon rises over Kalidore, a lost son has found his way home – but is it too late?

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Principal People of Kaldiore

The are a few principal characters in Kalidore who are handy to know, since they act as host and help to guide you through each adventure. These short blurbs are designed to give you quick information at a glance, as more detailed information can be found in other places.

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The People ~
Rhaine is currently one of the apprenticing Guardians of Kalidore. She is companion to Muse, and resides with her in the Temple, where all the books of Kalidore are housed. She is a practicing scribe, and works to translate the Library’s many books and scrolls. She is also a talented healer, and has a natural affinity with the Gates.

The fiery Lilaini is also apprenticing Guardian of Kalidore, and along with her companion Gypsy, and makes it her business to know what’s happening on the isle. A powerful psionic, she is not a person to be trifled with, and is a fierce protector of those in need.

Tyden may not be a Guardian in title, but could be considered a mere technicality. He is Odin’s companion, and one of the few people to call Kalidore his natural home. While not particularly magically talented, he is first and foremost a diplomat, and makes a fine ambassador of Kalidore as the Gates open the Isle up to the rest of the world.

The Daiga is the First Companion, brought to Kalidore eons ago by Kala herself. She has been Guardian of the Isle since time immemorial, and is a wise and insatiably kind soul.


The Unicorns ~

Gypsy is a helper of all. She travels Kalidore seeking those who have lost their way or are in need of her assistance. She is caring, understanding, and loyal, with a passionate and commanding presence. She is bonded to Lilani, and together the care for all creatures of the Isle.

Muse is Keeper of the Temple – the Great Library, where all the books of Kalidore are housed. As Rhaine’s companion, they share certain sense of whimsy and optimism, and are both are gentle souls.

Mare Imbrium is known throughout the isle and beyond; the enigmatic mare is somewhat of a recluse, Odin’s twin sister, and shares his duty to watch over Kalidore and its people.

Odin, sometimes called the Dawn Stallion, is he who watches over the world. And while it may seem he does this mostly from a distance, he is always there, just behind the scenes. His domain is the Skyfields, and he is companion to Tyden.

Falling Star is the spotted stallion of the Great Plains, a keeper of stories and gentle teacher to the isle’s kors. This cheerful, soft-spoken stallion is well-loved and approachable, making himself available to anyone who needs his guidance.

Arieon, as the youngest of the Foundation Stallions, is occasionally impulsive, and perhaps, just a little bit indulgent. After all, he is fabulous and knows it! Digressions aside, Arieon wears his heart on his sleeve and is fiercely loyal to Kalidore and its people.

cubexaAn incorrigible free spirit, Xanthe can’t help but be in the middle of everything, particularly trouble – even when she means well… perhaps, especially so…


Other Characters ~

cubeadarAdar – Lilaini’s terrible, and terribly spoiled pocket griffon…. ’nuff said!





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