The Kingdom of Eradael

Of all the races of the High Council, the Unicorns of Kalidore have been closest to the Elves, both geographically and through a shared commerce and trade.  The elves are very much a part of Kalidore’s past – from the Library Temple to the ruins of Al’therwen – and it would do well for both worlds to establish such treaties again.  But as war threatens, will they share a similar vision, or be at odds with each other again?

Who are the Elves?
One of the oldest of the humaoid races, they are a proud, idealistic people who favour harmony and eschew discord; reserved and contemplative, they rarely act without much reflection and sound reasoning.

The elves were very lucky in the Great War in that their homeland was virtually untouched, but because of the losses suffered to the colonies (Al’therwen being one of several) it was decided then to withdraw themselves almost entirely.  Since that time the elves have remained close to home, self-sustaining and content, resisting involvement with the outside cultures and other people.

There is, however, somewhat of an ideological shift between the old generation and the new; bolstered by the formidable heiress Melisynthe, this generation is not so stoic; they respect  old traditions but allow a lot more flex. They are even eager to spend time beyond their own borders, and are, therefore, more willing to get involved with things happening outside their world.


A Shared History ~
Between the elves and unicorns there has always been an easy comradery; both are closely in touch with the natural world, sensitive to magic, and dislike conflict.  Trade existed between the two worlds for centuries before the Great War; the elves create the beautiful jewellery the unicorns wear, and at its prime, the city of Al’therwen homed some 20,000 elves, human, and others at its height, including both scholars and noblemen, infantry, and the many skilled workers who excavated the mines. Most perished when Al’therwen fell at Thaedor’s hand, and that was the last time elves resided on Kalidore.

Where as Elves are indifferent towards human, they hold a good deal of respect for the Companions, which could be construed as magical snobbery.  It’s more a case of Elves being extremely utilitarian, and if something is not useful, it is dismissed.  A history of dismissing humankind could complicate a relationships with Kalidore going forth.

Renowned Magic ~

Elven magic is among the oldest, most well-known, and stable types.  It is also claimed they were the first to hone a means of capturing magic in a spell or scroll, allowing users to manipulate magic levels normally far beyond their ken.

Typically called “earth magic” (though unrelated to the human experience of that type) it refers to magic that is both derived and enhanced through contact with the earth itself.  Because of this Elves are very attuned to nature, gain balance and strength in its surroundings, and also have a great influence over natural elements.  Most possess a strong sixth sense and are mildly telepathic – skilled elves can communicate with mindspeak both to other receptors and even other animal species as well.

Elves are born with this innate magic, and though there is a great deal of variance between individuals, most are middle-of-the-road users.  This means that while their base magic level is much higher then a human, their limit would be exceeded by a learnéd Companion. It is untested at this time if Elves can also be Companions to unicorns, and whether this would yield the same magical potential as a human/unicorn bond.  It could, at the very least, work to stabilize the elf’s nature-influenced sensitivities.

Elves cannot summon gates, but can support fixed natural ones. There are a few such fixed gates throughout  elven world, one of which resides on the Palace grounds.


The Kingdom of Eradael ~
The capital of Ellasia is the Kingdom of Eradael, a bustling “metropolis” although you mightn’t realize it at first glance, so balanced and harmonious with the landscape is Elven architecture and ideals. The city is home to tens of thousands of elves, but never feels crowded or clustered, although the scope is quite impressive. The Elves enjoy a shared monarchy, with the elected parliament and a royal family, who, while extremely respected and influential, act officially as figure heads rather than dictator of laws.

King Mallieon has been an affluent and respected leader for the whole of his rein, despite the chronic illness of his wife, Nareu, which saw her retire from public life very early. Their children, Melisynthe and Dalander, now grown, are equally popular in the public eye as their father, although their audience is a decidedly younger one. Melisnthe is next in succession, and as such is a commanding presence in her own right.

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