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Odin, Stallion of the Silver Dawn

Domain: The Skyfields
Colour: Silver Grullo (Black Dun)

As the First Born, Odin simply is.  Ageless and wise, with a subtle majesty and haunting air about him, Odin’s domain is the Skyfeilds: the weathered cliffs of Kalidore’s mountains. Here, he says, he is closer to the sky, listening to the songs born of ancient winds that still blow from the far corners of the universe.

Because he spends most of his time in the mountains Odin might appear a bit distant and reclusive, but this is not the case.  From his vantage in the Skyfields he watches all – the many creatures of Kalidore, his family and friends, his world. To protect them all from harm there is nothing he would not do, for he is Keeper of the World, a responsibility gifted upon him by his great parents, and one he upholds with every ounce of his being.

If it is advice you seek, Odin knows the answer, but do not expect him to spell it out for you. He will, however, support you in every way while you complete your quest, and learn your own truth. Truth and knowledge, after all, is not something learned so much as it is something discovered within one’s own.