Welcome to Kalidore!

You may have arrived here because of the lovely unicorns.  Or perhaps it was the prospect of a good RP adventure.  Whatever the reason, all are welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay!

We have one rule here in Kalidore and that is Be Excellent to Each Other.  That is all we ask, whether you’re on the forums or posting comments; it is our goal to provide a safe, supportive environment for all our members to participate in.

If you need help, no matter how big or small, the best place to find out is on The Forums.


The Unicorns of Kalidore were created by Neena Bickram © 2008.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Adoptable Basics

New to the world of Adoptables?  Not sure where to start or how to jump in?  The FAQ should answer all your questions!  

Got more questions? Give us a SHOUT – we’d love to hear from you!


First, the basics:  What the heck is an “adoptable” anyways?

An adoptable is kind of like a sims game except, instead of being fully automated (meaning, everything is generated in a computer) an adoptable has a more hands-on approach.  That means that every “pet” is a true piece of art – coloured by real people and created to be unique and beautiful!  Collecting adoptables is akin to collecting artwork, but with an added benefit – like a sims game, you can join in their world through Festival Events and RP Campaigns, even breed them and watch them grow!  It’s kinda like having the best of both worlds, and it’s all up to you which aspects of the adoptable you want to pursue most.

We’re also super fortunate to have an extremely friendly and supportive online community, and Kalidore remains a safe place to engage with other art & fantasy-loving people online.

Currently, most of our events are run through the Pony Island forums, although we do shadow events on our Kalidore Forums as well. Our forum are always open to chat & RP – hope you’ll join us sometime!


Frequently Asked Questions ~


1. What are the Unicorns of Kalidore Adoptables?
2. How do I get one?
4. Can I modify my adoptable’s image?
5. Can I sell or my adoptable to someone else?
6. How do I breed my Kalidore adoptable?
7. Why are some adoptables decorated/wearing things? Can mine?
8. Can I have a custom-made unicorn designed just for me?
9. What is this RP you keep talking about?
10. I don’t want my unicorn anymore. Now what?
11. What happens if someone breaks the rules?


What are the Unicorns of Kalidore Adoptables?
The Unicorns of Kalidore are individually coloured three-stage breedable adoptable.  Each is carefully finished-to-order by our talented colourists.   The unicorn adoptable has three stages – newborn, weanling, and adult; though site-run events, you can “breed” your adoptable to grow your herd; such events currently happen on the Kalidore Forum and Pony Island.

Besides unicorns, there are several other species that can also be adopted, such as Griffons and other unique creatures, with more variety added on a continuing basis. For a full overview of Kalidore Adoptables, see HERE.

How do I get a one?
Kalidore Adoptables may be won or purchased only through official Kalidore Events, which happen many times a year.  They can be won through participation in the RP, purchased as pre-mades or custom slots, or even bought from other users during  specified times.

Can I modify my adoptable’s image?
No. The only exception is for use in your own avatar or signature; in such cases the adoptable used must be one you own, or a free-use image from the Banner Page.  You are permitted to crop/clarify the image for size and purpose (ie, adding a name etc).  Any other kind of modification must be approved by a site admin.

Can I sell my adoptable or give it to someone else?
Kalidore adoptables may be sold/traded ONLY through official trading events; they may also be gifted before they are certed to an individual owner.

How do I breed my Kalidore Adoptable?
Breeding happens during specific Breeding Seasons or can be “won” through events and RP participation.  Different species usually have breeding seasons at different times.

Why are some adoptables decorated/wearing things? Can mine?
Occasionally adoptables will be seen wearing special items or be decorated in unique ways. These items cannot be added after the fact, and often denote an adoptable made for a special event.   Certain breeding items embellish the offspring with wearable items too.

Can I have a custom-made unicorn designed just for me?
Yes!  Custom Unicorns and other creatures are available for purchase during certain times of the year.   If you are lucky you might even win a custom slot in an event or through the RP.

What is this RP you keep talking about?
An RP is short for roll-playing; in Kalidore, this translates into a shared “story telling” through our on-going campaigns.  Love writing and improvisation?  Come and join us – it could even win you a unicorn!

I don’t want my adoptable any more. Now what?
You cannot privately sell or trade your unicorn adoptable. Unicorns that are no longer wanted may be donated back to the Isle of Kalidore, or sold in an official Pony Penning Event. Pony Penning Events are open to both Foundation Mares and home-bred Unicorns.

What happens if someone breaks the rules?
Failure to follow the rule may result in a suspension from participating in Kalidore events, or if the offense is serious enough, could result in loss of your adoptable and ban from the site. Serious offenses would be:

  • unauthorized use of any Kalidore image
  • selling or trading adoptables outside of organized events
  • harassment, flaming or slander of other members
  • repeated failure to follow rules and/or courtesies

Such issue will be handled privately on a one-to-one basis. If you are concerned about a member or an issue, please contact us privately so we can look into the matter; do not post on the public forums as this will only inflame the situation which may or may not be accurately represented.


If you’re still confused or have questions after reading through this manual, please drop us a line. We can be reached by email or visit us on our Forums:  http://unicornsofkalidore.proboards.com/

Common Kalidore Lingo & Abbreviations:

Adar – a particularly naughty example of the Pocket Griffon type, who is often the blame for things going amok, either in the RP or with the website/other technical issues

Anagale – adoptable; small rabbit-like creature

Aviquinn – adoptable; winged species of unicorn

Cerewynne – adoptable; great elks, usually white

Diki – adoptable; diminutive species of antelope

Foundation Mare or Stallion – a “first generation” unicorn

Kor – newborn unicorn foal

Koré – (pronounced “kor-ah”) a young unicorn, specifically female, although used in general to include both males and females

Koros – a young unicorn, specifically male

Meso / Mesopippen – adoptable; small pony-type unicorn

Norden / Nordenhjorn – adoptable; medium-sized primitive-type unicorn

Pocket Griffon – adoptable; the smallest species of griffon

Tor / Toregardé – adoptable; large, draft-type unicorn

UoK – Unicorns of Kalidore

RP – Role playing; a shared story-telling. Anyone may participate in the ongoing Kalidore RPs

Unicorn – adoptable; an elegant horned equine somewhat resembling a Fresian horse

Urd / Urdvoggen – adoptable; large toad-like amphibian