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The Enchantment of the Stones ~

The first magic stone was a gift from Kaedon to Kala; the Unicorns of Kalidore celebrate the event by donning stones of their own. These magical stones grant the foals something special – such as a beautiful and unique colour. While it-s certainly not necessary to have a breeding item to produce an awesome foal, stones can certainly work to enhance what your foal naturally has!

There are a few things to remember about stones.

  • There are three different groups of Stones:
    • Star Stones – can only be used by Foundation Mares. These bond to the foal’s genetic code, which means the results are inheritable
      (passed on) to each subsequent generation.
    • Wind Stones – can be used by all mares. These offer a unique boon to the expectant mare – such as twins, a chance to predict the foal’s colours, or even a male offspring.
    • Earth Stones – can be used by all mares. These only change the foal’s appearance and cannot be passed on to the next generation.

Stones are further organized into four distinct subtypes, based on what they do. You can use more then one stone per breeding, so long as they are of different subtype & group.

  • These types are called:
    • Muse Type ~ works with the foal’s base coat colour to obscure/create a new colour. The Imperial Blue and Silverfade are Muse Stones.
    • Maze Type ~ produce certain patterns/overlays on foal of all colour. Brindle and Starburst are examples of Maze Stones.
    • Myst Type ~ completely covers/overrides all base colours & patterns to create something new. The Celestial and Moonstone are examples of Myst Stones.
    • Marvel Type~ these work differently all together. The Passion’s Flame and Sunstone are both Marvel Stones. Most Windstones and many of the rarer Star Stones are Marvel Stones too.

Each breeding stone may only be used once.


Affects of Earth Stones on Unicorns ~

  • Muse Type:


Stone Properties Effects
Imperial Blue – changes the base colour to blue works with existing coat patterns; thus the effect can be very light or very dark depending on the original coat colour. Relonikiv
Pale Amber Stone Pale Amber – works on the base colour to create a natural “champagne dilution” effect on the coat Nissa
Rose Blush Rose Blush – changes the base colour to rose pink works with existing coat patterns; thus the effect can be very light or very dark depending on the original coat colour.(Stone Challenge Contest Winner: Sweet~Intoxikation!) Aine
Countershade Stone Countershade – boosts the base colour to create drastic sooty/ mealy/pangre effects(Stone Challenge Contest Winner: Silverheart!) Zhu


  • Maze Type:


Stone Properties Effects
Starburst – creates distinct “star dapples” on base coat; the only way to ensure strong dapples. Not as effective on very paler colours, but still subtly beautiful Thora
Mottle – creates a “cat spots” effect on the base colour; spot patterns range from a wide variety of mammals; reptilian and other pattern mimicry is rare. May override existing natural patterns.  Saranyu
Brindle – creates a varied brindle effects on the coat colour;  there is also a rare chance of other striping patterns such as zebra, tiger or okapi.  May override existing natural patterns. Sayuri


  • Myst Type:


Stone Properties Effects
Moon Stone Moonstone – creates a stunning a subtle rainbow opal effect. Will override natural colours.  Ophelia
Celestial Stone Celestial Stone – creates a dramatic “starfield” effect across the coat.  coat. Will override natural colours.(Stone Challenge Winner: tbiris!) Altair
Aurora Stone Aurora Stone – creates a darkly enchanting “northern lights” affect across the coat. Will override natural colours.(Stone Challenge Winner: Silent-Moon!) Ralani
Jade Stone Jade – creates a beautiful, variegated natural stone effect.  Green is the common colour, but a rare chance of other Jade hues exists. Huabian



Affects of Wind Stones on Unicorns ~


Stone Properties Effects
Passion's Flame Stone Passion’s Flame – allows your mare breed anytime, even out of season, so long as she is not with foal. (Also instantly ages a weanling foal to breeding maturity!) Passion's Flame
Twinning Stone Twinning Stone – blesses your mare with twins.  Twins are always female unless a Sunstone is used.  Foundation Mares have a small chance of mixed gender twins.  photo Gwyneira.png
Sunstone Sunstone – promises a male offspring.  Unless this stone is used, all offspring are born female. Umarah
Pebble of Youth Pebble of Youth – keeps your kore forever-young! You may choose to lock your kore in at either the foal or weanling stage. Zaniyah
Probability Stone Probability Stone – a chance at predicting your foal’s very outcome.  Provides a chance to choose pose, colour, even choose rare patterns & variations. Anuli
Kal's Blessing Stone Kal’s Blessing – allows any visible effects on the mother to pass to the offspring regardless of type. Asterope
Kaedon's Consent Stone

Kaedon’s Consent & Kaedon’s Courtesy –

allows a non-Foundation Stallion the opportunity to breed; Consent Stone is open to all breeds; while the Courtesy Stone only  works on standard-type unicorn.

Kaedon's Consent


Affects of the Star Stones on Foundation Mares ~

Stone Properties Effects
Gypsy Stone The Gypsy Stone – produces an inheritable tobiano pattern (maze type stone)  Aesar
Silverfade Stone Silverfade Stone –  produces an inheritable roan coat (muse type stone)  Lan
Sikelia Stone – produces an inheritable spotted-donkey pattern (maze type stone)


Breed-Type Stones:


Stone Properties Effects
Meso Stone Mesostone – produces a Messopippen, the smallest breed on the isle.There is a 1/3 chance of breeding true in a regular meso + foundation pairing.  Pixie
Nord Stone Nordstone – produces a Nordenhjørn, a more primitive pony type. There is a have a 1/3 chance of breeding true in a regular nord + foundation pairing., a  Lyse
Guard Stone  Guardstone – produces a Toreregarde, the largest breed on the isle.  Tores are also the rarest unicorn type.There is a 1/5 chance of breeding true in a regular tore + foundation pairing.  Dia
Flight Stone  Flightstone – produces an Aviquinn, the winged horses of the Isle.There is a 1/4 chance of breeding true in a regular avi + foundation pairing.  Alouette

 Note:  The possibility of hybrid species (ie – Alicorns, Mesotore & Avipippens) is very rare, as only 1/10 breedings will be successful.


In summary: all stones form each group can be combined with stones from another group to provide wonderful variations of coat! The exceptions are Earth Myst Stones, which tend to override just about everything, and the Gypsy Star Stone, which combines with anything, including other Maze type stones.




Kismets ~ Little Blessings:

Kismets are a brand new breeding item – and while they were supposed to arrive with the Elven RP, we decided (since that one was taking it’s time) why not have them as a Christmas Surprise instead? 😀 The word kismet is old Arabic, meaning luck or fortune; on Kalidore the kismet is a breeding charm bestowed by mothers to their korè. These charms are then proudly worn by the adult unicorn, although whether they do bring luck – or are just an old’s mare’s tale – will remain to be seen 😉

Different Kismets provide different boons:

  • Kismet of Grace – allows you to determine the adult’s pose
  • Kismet of Beauty – allows you to determine markings (socks/star)
  • Kismet of Splendor – a single flower worn in the mane; choice of colour
  • Kismet of Eurus – a white-tipped feather worn in the mane; choice of accent colour
  • Kismet of Ignis – elven-forged gauntlets worn on the front legs; choose jewel colour & metal (bronze, gold, silver)
  • Kismet of Aegis – elven-forged chanfron (faceplace); choose jewel colour & metal (bronze, gold, silver)
  • Kismet of Vesture – a tasseled talisman worn on the tail; choice of accent colour

Kismet facts:
– kismets are pre-made items; some choices are allowed on some items, such as colour/make
– as breeding items, kismets must be applied at breeding; they appear on the adult unicorn
– multiple kismets of different types can be used on the same unicorn
– kismets cannot be applied to pre-existing unicorns

Some Examples of Decorated Unicorns:

Kismets of Aegis & Ignis ~

 photo Ruaidhri.png

Kismets of Vesture & Splendor ~

 photo Teagan.png


While unique Kismets can be designed for custom orders, these types are not available during regular breeding season.



Other stone properties will be added as they are discovered, so check here for new announcements!



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