The Birth of the Universe

Origin Tales ~

 The stars above were bright and twinkling, reflecting those that shone on the mare’s star-fallen coat. Around her the kor in the grass gazed upwards with intent and expectation. “Is it time yet?” a voice whispered. “Hush! If you keep saying that, she’s never going to start!”

Acosua smiled, her laughter rustling like the wind across the grasses.

“Come, my children, gather round!
The eve is young and tales abound….
As memories stir alive and bright,
What tale shall we tell tonight?”

“Oh! Oh, one about dragons!” one little kor cried. “No, not that again,” insisted another, “we had dragons last time. Something different!” “Something about Kal,” came yet another. “No, something about Kaedon!”

The mare’s eyes twinkled, and the foals at her feet were silent with an unspoken hush. “A tale of Kal, you say? And Kaedon too? Well, you all know the one about how Kal created our world, when a pebble got stuck in her hoof… but did you know it was Kal herself that shaped the very universe into being?”

“And Kaedon helped!” piped a voice.

“He did, that he did! For all things in the universe intertwine with each other, from each and every one of you, since they day the universe began. And it happened like this….


How Kala Brought Order to the Universe, and
How Kaëdon Came to Find the End Of All Things

In the beginning there was chaos… no light or dark, up or down, day or night; just an endless ebb and flow of frantic stillness. From these primordial tides, it is said, Kal was born like the froth upon the shores. Into the stillness it was her voice that first echoed, her feet that stirred the stillness asunder, she who stepped from the Chaos and it parted. Then there was light and dark, night and day, up and down. Order had come to the universe.

It was into this universe that Kaëden was born from a nebula of stars. The colt looked upon the world with delight, and set out at once to explore. He danced across the planets, and where his hooves dug the earth, mountains and canyons were formed. He shook loose a few small stars and watched with glee as they skidded off to the far corners of the galaxy. At once he gave chase. He paces the stars – so fast Kaëden was! He was so fast and fleet that before he knew it he had come to the end of the universe: there was simply no more. All around him the air hummed and shimmered, thick and enveloping. The colt snorted, trying to clear it from his nostrils. Part of him wanted to be away from that place at once, but another part, a stronger part, bade him to stay. His nose quivered with curiosity, tasting the electricity as it crackled around his horn. He pushed against it, and felt it resist him like a sheer veil. He snorted again, determined now, and braced his feet. With a fluid motion he thrust his head forward and pierced the fabric of the universe with his horn!

Meanwhile, Kala was breezing through the galaxies when she came across the planets Kaëden had trampled and surveyed their cratered surfaces with bemusement. She sensed commotion from a nearby solar system and managed to catch a meandering star before it fell to earth, and set it on a tempered orbit around the sun. Then she set about to find the creator of all the excitement. It didn’t take long. She found Kaeden standing in bewilderment beside a spinning hole of nothingness.

“I only pricked it with my horn!” the colt exclaimed. “It started growing all on it’s own!”

“The smallest pebble can cast ripples across the whole pool,” said Kala gently. “Such is the way with our actions.”

“But what is it?”

“The end of the universe,” Kala said.

The colt looked alarmed. “But what about everything in the universe? What about us?”

“All things come to pass, in their time,” Kala smiled. “It is the eternal breath – life, death, and rebirth – and within it our own existence echoes.”

“I didn’t mean to start it,” he whispered.

“You didn’t. It existed long before you, long before this universe we know was born, and it will go on long after even we are gone.”

They stood before its awful beauty, its creep across the universe so slow, nearly unperceivable, but inevitable. Kal watched the colt’s dark eyes flicker with the weight of knowledge upon him. Though his innocence was gone, it had been replaced with a richness of understanding that would colour his experience and touch all who met him – a ripple growing across the universe spreading knowledge, light, and joy.

She reared up, boxing the air playfully with her hooves. “Come now, the universe is here for us to embrace and explore, and time is long; unicorns were not meant to be somber!”

It was true, and Kaëden could not be held to his dark mood for long. He swirled around, following her lead and parried her shining ivory horn with his ebony. Then away they raced side by side like night and day, light and dark, life and death. All that had been said would come to pass but it held no sorrow, for they were one with the universe…

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