Game night in Kalidore tonight!

Come and join us for some Fun-and-Games in Kalidore this evening, starting around 01:00 UTC!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3144277

Also, our Trick-or-treat Auction will be wrapping up at 02:00, so you still have a couple hours to land those last bids!
The thread’s the place to be tonight – hope to see you all there!

Auctions ending tonight, New Contests up & Sneek Peek!

Some new unicorn colouring fun in Kalidore:

(line art for use only for Kalidore Colour Contest, thank you!)

Also, our Auctions are ending tonight @ 02:00! There was some confusion about the end date as the wrong contest was accidentally updated, so I’m here to assure it IS definitely happening tonight (don’t worry guys, I wouldn’t make it end on a holiday!) Best of luck, all!

Plus as usual, more games & silliness in thread when people are around


Wonderful Winter Faire

It’s that time of year again ~ our Winter Festival has arrived!

Come and join us for a wonderful feast of fun & games at our Winter Faire! Create the Unicorn of your dreams with Customs, or try and win one in the Custom Raffle, and stay tuned for all the fantastic things to come – see you there!

Also, if you happen to have a grumpy ookpik hanging around…

“Who you calling grumpy?”
We will also be naming all our little grifflets, too


The Party’s Still Going!

Hello, everyone!

We’ve just about got ourselves ready for our Griffon Breeding Season, and everything you need to know about joining in the fun has been posted on the front page. Our GAMES THREAD also continues with all sorts of merriment, with lots of candy to collect for cool prizes. And New Contests have been added to the front pages as well – so check it out; you won’t want to miss a thing!

Main Event Thread:

See you there – ’cause so much more’s happening and it just wouldn’t be a party without you!

New Games & Contests up!

We’ve added some new games to the roster, so be sure to check them out!

Up for the taking are two lovely Birthflower Mares – July’s Larkspur and August’s Poppy. And this weeked we will be playing some Tricky Kalidore Trivia, and even a Frankenkore or two are in the works. Plus there’s a Scavanger Hunt happening and a last-chance at breeding slot for those who missed; check out all the action here:

Want another chance to win a Birthflower Mare? September’s Morning Glory is up for grabs in our Chatter Thread; be sure to check that contest out too :

Best of Luck to All!