Stamp Trading Rules & Guidelines

~Trading Rules & Guidelines ~
So… you’ve organized all your stamps and you’re just a few shy of completing a set you really want… what do you do? Well, you can trade, of course!

1. Please do not approach other people about trading for their stamps unless they have expressed interest in trading first. (It can get really annoying for someone to get twenty requests about a stamp they haven’t decided to trade!) Posting which cards you’re looking for in your own thread is fine.

2. Trading must occur in the proper forums, NOT the main thread or chatter threads. This includes PI’s Adoptable Trading and the Kalidore Collecting Forum.

3. Do note that “stamp goes to the highest offer” threads are not acceptable. Your post should include what you are trading, and what you hope for in return.

4. Stamps may be gifted, traded for other stamps, or for UoK items/adoptables ONLY.Trading for other adoptables, BP/PG/USD or other game site currencies is not allowed.

After all, this is supposed to be a stalker-support fun-game, not quick-turn profit-mongering. Single abuses will result in a warning; secondary abuses = banning from all trading of stamps. If abuse is widespread, this will trigger raised prices of collector packs over-all, and if it continues, the dissolution and/or removal of all trading period.

So please – BE NICE! – don’t ruin if for everyone else!

5. Trading Slips maybe be submitted from the first to third of every even month. You can only submit one slip, but it may include as many different trades as you like. Please be sure to follow the format VERY CAREFULLY – failure to do so could misplace your cards, and they might not be recovered!


Trading Slip:
* Each trading slip should be clearly labeled with your bucket name.
* List each person’s bucket name separately, itemizing each separate stamp/item/etc being sent to them. DO NOT include items you are getting – these will appear on your partner’s slip.
* No editing of slip submission posts. If you’ve made a mistake, remove your entire post and submit a new one. This is to ensure we don’t start sorting cards, only to find your information has changed midway.

Example :
Lady Whimsy’s Trading Slip

For Delicious:
1. Stamp CH16
2. Stamp CH42
3. Brindle Stone

For Lady Everlasting:
1. Unicorn* – Xanthe
*Please Note: Unicorns/pets traded outside of the official UoK trading season incurs a 100K PG recerting fee from one of the parties involved.