Claiming & Mounting

~Mounting & Claiming Prizes ~

Some stamps are prizes in themselves – these can simply be turned in at any time. But the most satisfying feeling can be to finally complete that elusive set!

Once you have all the stamps needed for the set you want, simply submit a mounting slip (pm or post?). But remember – “If you lick it, you can’t unstick it!” – which means that once a stamp is stuck, it can’t be removed from the mounting matte, even if new mounting options / better prizes are released later.

Please note that due to time constraints, in may take over a week to return a matted collection, so please be patient. Also, stamp matting slips will NOT be accepted during active Kalidore Festivals so to not over-burden our staff.

Claiming Slip:
Please only submit one slip per collection, but feel free to submit multiple slips in a single mounting request.

Matte selection (for sets greater then 4):
1. Isle of Kalidore
2. Dawn over Skyfields
3. Shores of the Tyressline
Collection Name:
Stamps Submitted: