Stamp F.A.Q.

Kalidorian Stamp Frequently Asked Questions

What does SE stand for?
SE aka ‘Silver Edged’ or ‘Special Edition’ are stamps that are silver-gilt along the edges. They are never given out via pack purchases, but are rather earned thru event participation or as a reward via turning in a complete regular-stamp set.

There are three main types of SE stamps currently available – the “special event” stamps, such as the Winter Festival stamp given out during the 2010 winter festival, or the SE Stallion stamps & SE Chibiquinn mares which can be earned through completing the Chibiquinn color sets.

There are currently 9 SE Chibiquinn Mare stamps, and 5 SE Stallion stamps. None will be revealed until someone finally turns in the matte required to earn the associated stamp.

How do ID my stamp / What stamps are available?
All currently available stamps are kept framed and under glass in the ~Stamp Bucket~. Feel free to peruse to identify which you already own, and which you still need to find!

Why isn’t Sooty Palomino & Sooty Buckskin Chibiquinns part of the Cream Family Set?
while both Chibiquinn DO show the cream gene they are intentionally not included in the cream family “set” – at least at this point in time. This is to keep all similarly rewarded sets to approximately the same number of required stamps.

Possibly at some point in the future there will be a greater ability to “pick and choose” out of larger sets for a smaller subset turn in, but for the time being (to keep it simple) family sets are a definitive “you must collect this entire list to complete a set”.

There are a couple other similarly situations with the other genes and sets. 🙂