The Gathering Time

The Gathering Time:
Guide to Breeding & Foal Care


“Come, my children, follow me and stir the stars beneath your feet!
Stir thy dreams of heart and mind – for now it is the Gathering Time…

Seasons blow across the Isle, and when that time of year has found the Unicorns gathered on the rolling expanse of the Great Meadow, it is a time of much festivities, much reflection,  and much anticipation – for a new foaling season has begun!

The Gathering Time is also when the Foundation Stallions leave their domains to exchange news with their brothers and sister from afar (mares, of course, are always free to come and go as they choose).  At this time of year, a Mare is particularly choosy about where she decides to go next; after all, the Gathering Time is foremost a time for choosing a new foal’s proud lineage.

The arrival of a new foal is always an exciting occasion, and on the Isle of Kalidore it’s no exception! Here are some basic tips & guidelines for what to expect when you’re expecting your unicorn foal.

Breeding Basics at a Glance:

Breeding Items
  • Foundation Stallions are only available to breed at certain times of the year *
  • Stallions may limit the amount of mares in their herd
  • Non-Foundation stallions are not suitable for breeding, except with the use a special item
  • Some stallions may only breed to approved mares (ie, RP-only breedings)

* except with use of Passion’s Flame stone

  • Stones/items are not necessary for breeding
  • Multiple stones may be used, if compatible
  • Some stones can only be used by some mares
  • Earth Stones do not affect the genetic outcome of the foal
  • Star Stones alter the foal’s genetic makeup
  • Link to Breeding Stones
  • Unicorn’s pose is chosen randomly
  • All unicorn offspring will be genetically colour-correct
  • Colour is chosen randomly within percentages, based on the parent’s genetic makeup
  • Species traits pass on in accordance to that species rarity
  • There is the possibility of “hidden” or “carried” traits & expressions


What is a Foundation Mare?

A Foundation Mare is daughter of Kal herself; she can generally be told apart from other Unikoré by the edged starfield around her cert.  While they may not be as flashy as some of the others, as Daughters of Kala, Foundation Mares have special innate breeding boosts.

They are the mares who can use Star Stones, which alters the genetic make-up of the foal and produces inheritable traits & even new species; regular Unikoré cannot. They are also the only mare who can have naturally occurring twins, and gender-different twins; all other mares must use a Twinning Stone.


Foundation Stallions: Choosing a Mate for your Mare ~

There is a tale about the Sons of Kaëdon, that they were to be the Stewards of Isle, Keepers of the Old Knowledge, keeping watch over their domains… but Thaedor’s War changed all that. Scattered an battle-weary, at this point there are only six known Foundation Stallions left.  Like all stallions they are noble sentinels, patient and wise, fiercely protective of their friends and family; they are the founding fathers of Kalidore.

Just as on earth, where stallion keep watch over mortal herds, the Foundation Stallions are the breeding stallions in Kalidore; it’s simply that the mares feel the other stallions are not yet mature, so wouldn’t take them seriously.  (The trade-off is, young Koros are free to wander the isle like the mares, welcome everywhere and anywhere!)

Below are the six known Foundation Stallions of Kalidore:


Odin: Stallion of Silver Dawn
Grulla (Black Dun)

As the First Born, Odin simply is.
Ageless and wise, with a subtle majesty and haunting air about him, Odin’s domain is the weathered cliffs of Kalidore’s mountains ~ the Skyfields.  Odin’s Domain



Falling Star: Stallion of the Great Plains
Appaloosa (Flaxen Chestnut)
Noble and idealistic to a fault, Falling Star’s domain is the restless ocean of grasslands that make up the Great Plains. He is both a scholar and guide, and welcomes those who seek wisdom into his fold.  Falling Star’s Domain



Aerion ~ The Ivory Stallion
Cremello (Chestnut Cream)
Heroically beautiful (and he knows it!) Aerion is every bit the iconic majesty that is the unicorn: grace, beauty, passion, and heart.  He is also gallant champion of Kalidore and all its people.  Aerion’s Domain



Ulysses ~ The Lost Son
Black Rabicano Stallion
Tormented by old dreams and new visions,  the stallion Ulysses is a reclusive, a brooding soul. He roams the Isle in twilight, keeping just out of sight…Note:Ulysses is an RP-only stallion.  Ulysses’ Domain



Ephiri ~ The Jester
Silver Dapple (Black)
With his home in the merry green Kaledon, Ephiri’s light heart and mirthful spirit keep his domain an enchanting, whimsical place.  But don’t let laughter fool you: Ephiri is a wise old soul who simply knows that happiness is key. Ephiri’s Domain… coming soon




Shadarin ~ The Forgotten Stallion
Fleabitten Grey (Bay)
Currently hidden in the Vale; what else is he hiding? Shadarin’s Domain



If you’d like to learn more about the individual stallions, you can click to view their full profiles



The Colourful Unicorn ~

Another thing to take into account when choosing a mate might be what colour you’re hoping your foal might be.

Like real horses, unicorns come in an array of colour and patterns,  based on equine colour genetics and inherited in much the same way. Therefore, if you’re trying for something specific, it’s good to have a working knowledge about how coat colour happens.  For more information about coat colours, you may check out the Equine Rainbow


Special Breeding Boosts & Magic Pebbles ~

Kismet of Eurus photo Kismeteurus.pngYou can also use special breeding items to enhance your expectant foal’s colour, too. While certainly not necessary, these items can give your foal a colourful boost, add a unique pattern, or even alter the type of unicorn your expectant mare will have.

The effects can be as simple as changing your unicorn’s coat colour to something a little more fantastical, adding an accent or accessory, or even as wild as changing the species all together; you can even combine stones (as long as they are of different types) to create amazing new combinations – the limit is your imagination…

Eleniel photo Eleniel.png

See here to learn about the Enchantment of the Stones.

Types of Unicorn ~

In planned breedings, a Star Stone is used by a Foundation Mare to produce the different types of unicorn species – Mesopippen, Nordenhjorn, Aviquinn and Torerégard. These alternate species can be passed on, with a varying chance of breeding true depending on the breed’s rarity. See the Breeding Items page for more info.


Hybrids are very rare occurrences that happens when two different species are bred together; this requires use of a Kaedon’s Consent stone to breed outside of the Foundation Stallions, and most crossing still only have only a 1/10 chance of producing a hybrid.


Examples of a Mesotore (meso x toregarde) and Avipippen (meso x aviquinn)


Remember – you don’t need any items to have a beautiful baby; they are simply their to enhance the experience. Regardless of which stallion you choose or whether or not you use special items, you’re going to have a fantastic foal. Happy Foaling!

If you’re still confused or have questions after reading through this manual, please drop us a line.  We can be reached By Email or visit us on the Forums.


Basic Foal Care ~

Yay! A foal is about to be born! So…. now what? Here you will find answers to common questions about unicorn foals – called Koré, – including growth, naming guidelines, and other helpful tips.

How long do I have to wait?
Your mare will be pregnant for anywhere between 5 and fifteen days. It’s hard to say exactly… you know how mother nature is! When a foal is just born, it appears on her mother’s certificate – so you might need to refresh your browser to see if your foal has arrived.

Hey! My foal looks funny! The first thing you notice about your baby unicorn is… it’s missing it’s horn! This is perfectly normal (and believe me, something unicorn mares are very happy about!) A foal’s horn will be fully formed by the time she is weaned. You might also think your foal’s colour looks dull and muddy… very disappointing, considering how stunning her parents were. But not to fear – a foal’s coat can be very deceptive; just like real foals, it might not be until her first shedding that you have a good idea what colour she really is!

Growing Up
Your foal will stay on your mare’s cert until she is weaned.  In that time there are some things you need to do: first and foremost, your foal is going to need a name!

I Name Thee…
Up until she is weaned, the newborn filly is called a Koré, which means “my daughter” (colts are subsequently called Koros, my son). Finding the perfect name can be a challenge, and unicorns can be very particular about what they’re called. Choosing a name is  important because a name stays with your unicorn her whole life, and a foal can’t have a cert of her own until she is named.

An Acceptable Name is one that is suits a unicorn; unicorns are not people, nor or they horses, and they rather dislike being called ordinary names! They do however make exceptions for mythological and historic/literary figures, deities, and on occasions don’t mind being named in someone’s honour, as a unicorn’s sense of honour is very strong. They are close to nature and enjoy names of that type; elemental and ethereal names figure strongly too.

Need some help?  How about A Thousand Names?  Or another 20,000 Names more?  If you’re absolutely stumped for a name, you can always ask on our forums for assistance,too!

In the unlikely event that the administrators find a name inappropriate, one might be asked to reconsider their choice, but this will be dealt with on a one-on-one basis.

Fully Grown
From an awkward pumpkin-coloured foal to a stunning palomino mare, the final stage of the Kalidore unicorn is a work of art and beauty!  The timing of these events can vary, so be sure to keep tabs on the forums to know when they are happening next.

Here’s a breakdown of stages again.

  • Gestation – Mare is pregnant for 5-15 days
  • Newborn –  appears on her mother’s certificate
  • Weanling – a foal is named, and receives a cert of her own
  • Adulthood – fully grown, and ready to breed herself

Please note that times are never exact – after all, nature my be a science, but she’s no stickler for time. And that’s part of the fun of foaling, after all – just waiting eagerly to see what happens next!

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Conversations with the Muse ~  What’s in a Name?

One day, Lady Everlasting sat down with Kalidore’s resident bookworm and Keeper of Tales, Muse, to ask her about the tradition of naming a foal in Kalidore over tea & honeybuns.  Here’s what Muse had to say about naming!

Lady E:  I’ve noticed that the Unicorns of Kalidore seem very particular about names. Why is that?

Muse:  A name is something that stays with you your entire life and we believe it even shapes the person you become. So of course it is very important to find just the right one for every new foal. That’s why foals aren’t named right away; mothers will refer to their little fillies as “my Kore” (pronounced, “Kor-ah”) wich means “my little daughter”. Weaning and naming are a Rite of Passage – a celebrated step in the life of a young unicorn!

Lady E:  How do you find the right name?

Muse:   Often, one just knows. It’s hard to explain. It can be something that describes the foal, embodies her somehow in spirit or mind. The meaning behind the name is quite important too – whether it is the basic meaning of the name it self, or the person it stands for. Many unicorns are given the name of strong persons from your Earthen stories and myths, because the unicorns have great respect for the arts and culture, and what those characters embodied in the stories they shared.

Lady E: That’s quite neat. Can you share any stories behind some of the Unicorn’s names?

Muse:  Many of the mares have been named after our sisterly goddesses; we unicorns consider ourselves of divine origin, so it’s often quite fitting. They are such beautiful names, too! Unicorns admire beauty wherever it lies.

Literary characters figure prominently as well for as you know Unicorns love stories. My sister Mare Imbrium was named for the hero of Peirs Anthony’s Nightmare, who herself was named after the Moon’s ocean – Mare Imbrium – which translates to Sea of Rain, or Sea of Tears. It’s a beautiful and haunting name, and the duality gives its barer a certain depth of character that is quite suited to the darkly beautiful mare. The Moon is also a symbol of our Great Mother Kal, and Imbri was her first daughter.

Bree was named for a literary horse as well, Narnia’s The Horse and his Boy, after the steed who carried that story’s main character from humble beginnings to his rightful place as King. That is what each of us Unicorns do for our Companions – carry them through the most difficult parts of their lives so that they might emerge successful and strong.

This strength lies within us all, and Rahne, named for Wolvesbane from the Marvel Comics Universe, is a symbol of that inner strength waiting to blossom and grow. Marvel’s Rahne was often unsure of herself and her place in the world, but her huge heart and optimism was the grit that saw her through – and they are exactly the qualities a unicorn celebrates and holds dear.

Morgaine’s naming honoured the principal figure from The Mists of Avalon. It is a story of uncovering the original truths, long after they have been lost to myth and history. Unicorns themselves were almost lost to myth and history, and in that time many people have forgotten our true purpose and goal; some might even fear us through a lack of understanding. Morgaine reminds us to look beyond our preconceived notions of the world and of people and to seek truth wherever it may lie.

Lady E:  That is fascinating!  Thank you for sharing that us with that today. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Muse:  *munchmunch* Mmm, Lana makes the best honeybuns; I’m sure there’ll soon be many kores named in honour of her!

Lady E:  You could say that again! *stuffs buns into mouth with both hands*


And just to note… since you might have done the math and said yourself, “Wait, if they’re all the children of Kal and Kaedon, doesn’t that mean they’re related?  What about inbreeding?” rest assured this isn’t something you have to worry about when breeding your unicorns. Think of it this way: they are the children of gods, and Kala and Kaedon are like Hera and Zues, or Adam and Eve; they are deities, ethereal creatures of spirit who are not affected by the rules of earth; neither are their descendants. It’s just one of the perks that go along with being the universe’s first born 🙂