Wonderful Winter Faire

It’s that time of year again ~ our Winter Festival has arrived!

Come and join us for a wonderful feast of fun & games at our Winter Faire! Create the Unicorn of your dreams with Customs, or try and win one in the Custom Raffle, and stay tuned for all the fantastic things to come – see you there!

Also, if you happen to have a grumpy ookpik hanging around…

“Who you calling grumpy?”
We will also be naming all our little grifflets, too


Breeding Time!

Time for babies, and we know how much everyone likes those! Thank you so much for your patience as we’ve struggled at bit behind the scenes to get this event to you – I’m sure you’ll forgive us the delay once you see all those cute little unicorn babies, yes? Come check out all the action here:

The Gathering Time 2013

Also, our Harvest Festival & Halloween event is just around the corner too – so we hope you’ll join us later this month for the games, contests, and even some medieval merriment!. Happy October, everyone!

The Party’s Still Going!

Hello, everyone!

We’ve just about got ourselves ready for our Griffon Breeding Season, and everything you need to know about joining in the fun has been posted on the front page. Our GAMES THREAD also continues with all sorts of merriment, with lots of candy to collect for cool prizes. And New Contests have been added to the front pages as well – so check it out; you won’t want to miss a thing!

Main Event Thread:

See you there – ’cause so much more’s happening and it just wouldn’t be a party without you!

Breeding Slots go LIVE

‘Cause we all know how much you love fuzzy babies! Join us in the thread tomorrow night to try and claim yourself a slot with one of our four beautiful Foundation Stallions. Best of luck to all!


Also, the Year of the Snake Auction Ends tonight @ 03:00 and the Growing Critter Raffle ends tomorrow @ 02:00 (one hour before the slots open) See you all there!

NOTE: While PI’s Maintenance is supposed to be happening sometime tomorrow as well, we are hopeful things should be cleared up by the time the slots open. In the event that the site is down or suffering severe lag within half an hour of the slots going live, we may choose to postpone the event by one day to ensure everyone has equal opportunity at the slots. Keep tuned to the thread for active details!

Happy Belated ChineseNewMardi’tine!

It’s still February, so it still counts!

It’s the Year of the Snake, and we’re Celebrating the best way we know how – with lots of delightfully “snaky” unicorns for you to enjoy! And if you’re lucky, one of them might end up following you home

As well, our Mini Valentine Breeding Season is happening in this thread, as well as some great MardiGras Contest & Games. It’s going to be another great Lunar Festival, and we hope to see you all there!

Best wishes for 2013,
Your Whole Kalidore Crew ~

Winter Celebration

Hello, all!
Our Wonderful, Winter Festival is finally under way :

We hope you still have some Holiday Spirit left, see you all there!

And a short note about the certing backlog:
I also wanted to take a moment to assure everyone that we’re still working through Trades & Foal Namings from the previous thread and no-one has been over-looked; we are a little short-staffed at the moment so it’s taking longer to go through them then planned.

Currently all 63 trades have been processed, just not yet uploaded, and the artists have now received all their certing bundles & are ready to go. We hope to have everything sorted by the end of the month, thank you again for being so patient with us!