Unicorns of Kalidore ~ The Gathering Time 2016

Hey everybodeeeeeeeee – It’s TIME!
Time for the pitter-patter of little hooves to invade the thread…
And ll you need to join the fun is a mare & to secure yourself a slot, and we promise those will be open for a good long while…

So without further ado – UoK Presents Breeding Season 2016!

Don’t forget to check out the Kalidore Forums too for even MORE Colourist Slots.
It’s going to be a blast, and we’re looking forward to see you all there!

Lady Whimsy & the UoK Midwifery Crew

Gathering Time Status

Hello all!
Just popping in formally to say things have not utterly quiet behind the scenes… but that we simply need ALL our staff people functioning at 110% before we can launch into breeding season. (I am simply not a brave enough person to do it alone! ) Epic Quest hasn’t been forgotten either, and will join a few other activities taking place along with the Gathering Time.

This year’s Gathering Time will run a little differently – a little slower, perhaps, but also longer, which will hopefully allow more opportunities for new unicorns babies! Pricing will run between 500K-$15 at random intervals… so breeding will be a mix up of slot claiming/lottery style slots provided by each available colourist. Of course, if you want to omit all that fuss entirely – there’s always Ulysses slots available via the RP

On that note, world-building for Elvin Empire needs to begin in earnest as we near RP3; I have Lady E’s original notes on the subject as the starting point, but as she’s unable to do more than fly-bys in Kalidore these days, a new team will be assembled to map out this project. So if you are at all interested in World-Building Kalidore & Beyond, please drop me a line! And there are always perks for working behind the scenes

I think that’s it!

Kalidore & Co will be making an appearance at Breyerfest again this year too, so if you are wandering down that way – be sure to come find us! More details to follow closer to the date

*snoogles everyone soundly and makes a big bowl of chicken soup for all our sick staffers*

UoK Flatsales Tonight

Since there’s been some confusion about Start & End times since NPI… yes, the flatsales are tonight @ 03:00 UTC!

Hope to see you there!

Our last Festival events – the Tang Auction & Epic Quest Game will also be revealed too.
I hope you’ve all had a wonderful winter festival, and are looking forward to spring!

Mini Winter Festival

Welcome all! Our Mid-Winter Festival is now underway:

Drop in & join us for a cup of hot cocoa, play games & enter some nifty contests;
the Chinese New Year is right around the corner too, and you know what THAT means…
… and who doesn’t like Tang, anyways?

Last Events of current Contesting Thread

Hello everyone!

We hit a few stumbling blocks in the last weeks, culminating with Whimsy needing a whole new computer. (We should know by the end of the week if there was any info loss, but things look very, very good – knock wood!) In the meantime, certing and any other activity that requires photoshop and/or the old harddrive are currently in a holding pattern until (hopefully!) next Monday at the latest.

In the meantime, a new contest is up – The Marvellous Masked Meso of Mystery!
This joins the Dream Unicorn contest which is still running in the forum

Also, the Griffon Stew Raffle is *finally* open – so feel free to dig in!


Hope you’ve had a good time in our little Halloween thread with lots of treats!
Best of luck to all!

Game night in Kalidore tonight!

Come and join us for some Fun-and-Games in Kalidore this evening, starting around 01:00 UTC


Also, our Trick-or-treat Auction will be wrapping up at 02:00, so you still have a couple hours to land those last bids!
The thread’s the place to be tonight – hope to see you all there!

Halloween Treats!

Hello everyone!

We’re having a short but sweet Halloween Celebration this year — since a winter breeding season is right around the corner There’s still all sorts of goodies to be had of course, including a Troup of Trick-or-Treaters up for Auction, Griffon Stew (with Urdvoggen!) Growing Raffle, somegreat contests and even a pumpkin patch to try your luck in. Hope to see you there!

>Link to Thread<

Happy Halloween, Kalidore!

Foal Naming & Other Goodies

Hello Everyone! We’re playing catch-up this thread to make sure we have everything ready for our annual breeding season later this summer. That means all unnamed foals need to find names, and anything else we may have overlooked taken care of too. If you have anything outstanding, or think we’ve forgotten about something – please drop us a line!

Of course, there will be a smattering of Fun & Games too — including a naming contest for that cute little Mesokoros above! — so do check us out even if you don’t have anything to catch up on. We’re planning fun!

AND, with Breeding Season just around the corner, now’s the time to bank those RP posts if you want to try for an elusive Ulysses breeding slot. Our RP is making it’s final push to the end, so now is an exciting time to join in. All the info you need is in the thread – so see you there

5th Birthday Bash!

It’s our Birthday and we’re going to party hard, and we want all of you to join the fun!

There are going to be Games & Contests, Newbie Events, Special Auction pieces and SO much more –
you won’t want to miss any of it. And besides, who doesn’t love Birthdays?

“I don’t. I don’t love birfdays at all. So there.”

Oh, right… something about a Griffon Breeding Season will be happening too, grumpy griffon chicks and all. There’s going to be something for everyone, so come on down and check it out!

See you all there!

Auctions ending tonight, New Contests up & Sneek Peek!

Some new unicorn colouring fun in Kalidore:

(line art for use only for Kalidore Colour Contest, thank you!)

Also, our Auctions are ending tonight @ 02:00! There was some confusion about the end date as the wrong contest was accidentally updated, so I’m here to assure it IS definitely happening tonight (don’t worry guys, I wouldn’t make it end on a holiday!) Best of luck, all!

Plus as usual, more games & silliness in thread when people are around