Lunar Festival Creativity ~

The one thing about being in the thick middle of a Kalidore event… it leaves little time for much else, let alone blog posts XD On the other hand, it’s a Kalidore event, and they are among my favourite times of the year! I get to introduce new pretties, as well as see the wonderful pretties everyone else creates for our fun (and often rather challenging!) contests & games.

The Lunar Festival is one of the best simply because we get so creative with the crafting projects; we have a very talented group, and this year was no exception — SweetIntoxikation’s paper-cutting project was definitely worthy of any wall:

I like to think that creativity inspires creativity; I know I’m inspired 😀

That kind of week…

Monday was supposed to the second instalment of Blog Kalidore, but… you probably noticed it’s Thursday >.>  I’m going to blame it on Daylight Savings Time.  Or March Break  >.>   Or suggest that being fashionably late for everything is really a matter of procedure for all things Kalidore.  Because when you say it enough times, right…

… so instead, here’s a pretty aviquinn to distract you:


She was painted as part of Model Horse NaNoPaiMo last month, and in true Kalidore fashion I didn’t start painting her until the last three days of the month.  But she turned out pretty fantastically anyways, so thank goodness.  Maybe next year I’ll actually take the whole month!

April is Camp NaNoWriMo; anyone signing up?  And what are you all writing? 😀

Let the Blogging Begin!

So, what do we do with a Kalidore Blog?  

That’s exactly the question we asked ourselves and realized we COULD be doing a whole lot more here than parroting thread launches and other events.  We COULD be talking about new and EXCITING things that are happening, both here in Kalidore… and beyond!  We COULD be sharing artwork, sketches, new ideas and even stories with our followers & friends.  And we COULD be providing another new and wonderful platform for everyone to participate in and share the experience that is Kalidore 😀

As you know, it’s been really quiet around here.  The Database is still chugging along, and that new fancy gallery we talked about?  turns out it’s not so new and fancy as we hoped, so we’re moving all our images.  Again.   If I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, that’s because it’s exactly how I feel about the situation at this point.

Our Master of Webbery – Delibean – has been working tirelessly on all fronts (she deserves so many cookies)  and I wish I could help out more than I do, but my job is pretty much as tester rather than builder: if Del has put it together, and Whimsy can’t break it, only then is it to be considered done!  Del certainly has her work cut out for her XD

Now what does an artist do when she has her hands tied on her own adoptable?

Well, she starts sketching things, for starters!  There have been many, many sketches over the past year.  You might have noticed one debut in the Fireside thread – that’s right, our Avinorden finally have wings:

The wing template has been completed for BOTH genders, and we’ll be trotting out the first sets during our Birthday bash 🙂

The templates have also been updated for the LE Rearing mare, too.  She’s pretty 😀

And there’s MORE…. but that should likely wait for another post 😉


Not related to Kalidore, but equally time-consuming, I started working at Studio BMFC last August as their graphics person.  Creating high-quality custom “pony nostalgia” enameled pins, our beautiful pieces were SO well-received by the community  that we’ve been working overtime just to keep up with orders.  We also had the incredible honor to be asked to create the collectible pins for this year’s Pony Fair & Extravaganza; they are going to be fantastic, and are ready for pre-order on the fair website.

Many new pins will be coming this spring too, so keep an eye on the Studio’s FB page if you’d like to be afloat of new pony pin updates!

We are so excited to be working with the Pony Fair this year! If you have not already, please make sure to check them…

Posted by Studio BMFC on Friday, March 9, 2018


We hope you are having a happy 2018 so far, and that spring is set to find you soon; it’s gotta be spring somewhere XD  See you soon!

Howl-at-the-Moon Festival ~

2018 mark the Year of the Dog,
and we are so excited to introduce the Moon-Singers!!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3244347

In Chinese mythology, the dog represents loyalty, honesty, and have a strong sense of justice; the Moon-singers are no different. They are referred to by the Unicorns as the Forest Sentinels, a duty the wolves take very seriously. They reside throughout the woodlands in tight-knit family groups, although they will band together in times of tribal need. Tayo and Vora lead the largest tribe, and as such act as liaison between the wolves and other creatures of the isle. As a major Arcana, they are fluent in the Isle’s languages, but tend to keep to themselves.

Nearly indistinguishable from the Grey Wolves of Earth’s Northern hemisphere, these wolves of course are not only grey, but range in colour from nearly black to nearly white, and many shades of earth brown in between. While their colours are natural-hued, they do show more variation than the earthen variety. (Do note that the Moon-Singers are NOT currently breedable, and though we intend to support this in the future, have no estimate when this will be completed.)

The Wolves of Kaldiore have a rich storytelling history and their tales speak of two mythic beasts, Aiya (AY-ah) and Ag’anae (a-GAH-nay); they are fierce rivals who will one day destroy each other and the world will end. Yet they are also described as valued equals, consorts. These myths speak to the harsh reality of a predator’s existence, a tenuous balance, but also to the sublime understanding that everything – good and evil, life and death, all – are parts of one great whole.

Happy Lunar Festival, Everyone!

The Fireside Chatter Thread

Come join us by the Fireside to chat about the latest happenings in Kalidore,
find out why it’s been so quiet lately, and all the fantastic stuff we have planned for 2018!!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3238589

We hope you’ll all join us for hot apple cider & sanity-paced games…
… after all, what’s the holidays without a little Kalidore Chaos?  We surely don’t know!

Happy Holidays from all of us, to all of you

Technical Difficulties & Growing Pains ~

Hello, all!

As you’ve noticed, it’s been quiet in Kalidore lately –REALLY quiet. There’s a few reasons for that, which together have made getting back into a regular schedule quite a bit challenging.

The first – that Photobucket issue. It’s a big one, although it’s the one we were actually preparing for; phasing out the PB was a long term goal, being slowly worked on in the background. The Kalidore Gallery already exists, but at this moment it’s merely the backbone of what we intended to build around it — ie, your own personal stables However the interruption in PB’s service has made this a NEED IT NOW situation, and we’re not quite ready! So now we need re-evaluate: do we continue with the original plan (of which Delibean is the sole orchestrator) or instead revert to a multi-bucket system that mimics the way things were with PB; the bonus there is more people would be able to help out, but it’s sort of a quick-and-dirty solution. It’s not the final product we wanted, but could have things up & running faster.

The next issue has simply been my schedule – both dealing with work and stuff on the home front – that gobbles up the time needed to put together Festival the way it should be! Lots of exciting things have been planned, inked, coloured, and chased around behind the scenes… just… no time to put them into motion. I can only hope my schedule will settle down; it’s just been one of those years.

Of course, in the midst of all this my computer decided to die on me. Again. Currently we’re not sure what the prognosis is, but nobody will be more upset than me if we’ve lost our newest lines >.> Any prayers to the computer gods would be most appreciated!

So that is where we’re at, and why nothing has been happening. We know naming season should have happened, but at this moment we just aren’t sure where to *put* those named babies so we’ve been holding off (not to mention the problem people would have sifting through the PB) And yes, there’s a full bucket of goodies for our next festival — which will be a whole circus of fun — when we finally get there.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, do ask away – here, or on the forums

Thank you everyone for your on-going patience!
Lady Whimsy ~

The Gathering Time 2017 ~

Hello everyone! Our Breeding Season is in Full Swing!

Thread Link:!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3220975
(There are also more slots available on the Kalidore Forums, too!)

Don’t forget – we have a SHINY NEW BREEDING ITEM this season too:

But what does it do? Well, only one way to find out – baby unicorns, here they come!


The Unicorns of Kalidore Fly the Coop

Hello Everybody! It’s the Year of the Fire Rooster and Kalidore might have just gone to the birds…

So come join us in the thread for all sorts of fun & games, tangy flatsales, and cosplay or two,
all in celebration of the Chicken, that most dignified and noble of beasts!!/?src=community&sub=forums&topic=3219367

… oh, and unicorns, There are also unicorns, of course
Hope to see you all there, and Gong Hei Fat Choy!