Technical Difficulties & Growing Pains ~

Hello, all!

As you’ve noticed, it’s been quiet in Kalidore lately –REALLY quiet. There’s a few reasons for that, which together have made getting back into a regular schedule quite a bit challenging.

The first – that Photobucket issue. It’s a big one, although it’s the one we were actually preparing for; phasing out the PB was a long term goal, being slowly worked on in the background. The Kalidore Gallery already exists, but at this moment it’s merely the backbone of what we intended to build around it — ie, your own personal stables However the interruption in PB’s service has made this a NEED IT NOW situation, and we’re not quite ready! So now we need re-evaluate: do we continue with the original plan (of which Delibean is the sole orchestrator) or instead revert to a multi-bucket system that mimics the way things were with PB; the bonus there is more people would be able to help out, but it’s sort of a quick-and-dirty solution. It’s not the final product we wanted, but could have things up & running faster.

The next issue has simply been my schedule – both dealing with work and stuff on the home front – that gobbles up the time needed to put together Festival the way it should be! Lots of exciting things have been planned, inked, coloured, and chased around behind the scenes… just… no time to put them into motion. I can only hope my schedule will settle down; it’s just been one of those years.

Of course, in the midst of all this my computer decided to die on me. Again. Currently we’re not sure what the prognosis is, but nobody will be more upset than me if we’ve lost our newest lines >.> Any prayers to the computer gods would be most appreciated!

So that is where we’re at, and why nothing has been happening. We know naming season should have happened, but at this moment we just aren’t sure where to *put* those named babies so we’ve been holding off (not to mention the problem people would have sifting through the PB) And yes, there’s a full bucket of goodies for our next festival — which will be a whole circus of fun — when we finally get there.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, do ask away – here, or on the forums

Thank you everyone for your on-going patience!
Lady Whimsy ~

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